Best Gift Ideas For Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Gift Ideas For GirlfriendLet me guess, you’re here reading this gift idea for your girlfriend on her special birthday post because your girlfriends birthday is coming up, and you have absolutely no idea of what you’re going to buy her. If that’s you then you have probably come to the best place, as I am about to tell you some gift ideas that will make her very, very happy. You’ll be in her good books for sure.

Getting together a list of gift ideas for your girlfriends birthday is hard enough, but then executing on those ideas and pleasing her is another story, especially if you buy her something she doesn’t like, or worse, already has!

Top 3 Gifts For The Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Funnily enough, us men have it relatively easy when it comes to gifting, we can buy them flowers, chocolates, a new purse, a ring, it’s quite straightforward. However, us men expect our girlfriends to buy us clothes, gadgets and other difficult gifts, it’s not easy for women, so, appreciate this blessing that we have. Even easier for you, we have outlined the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend in this post, if you still aren’t sure what to gift her, then I am certain the community members on our relationship forum will have some ideas!

1) Jewellery is an easy one to gift

If you play it right, gifting jewellery can be quite easy. I have personally treated my girlfriend to a Pandora bracelet, of which I add a charm to on every special event (birthday, christmas, anniversary, etc) She loves it, plus, it’s an easy gift for me because I am only required to choose the charm! They’re relatively affordable. A few members have been recommended this in our relationship advice for men forum from female members, so, surely it’s a winner to some girls!

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

I don’t think any woman would say no to a nice ring, bracelet or necklace. It’s definitely a go-to gift if you really aren’t sure what to gift them for their birthday! The difficult part is finding out their size without giving away the idea that you’re going to buy jewellery for them, but if you play it safe and smart you should be able to find out this info ahead of schedule. It’s time to go into investigation mode!

2) A present that symbolises your relationship

A lot of women like affection and like to know that they’re loved, it’s an obvious one, especially if you have been in a relationship before. A personalised gift that symbolises the strength of your relationship is most certainly a good birthday gift that not only demonstrates that you’re very thoughtful and loving, but reminds her of your special relationship when going about her day-to-day life. Some personalised gift idea for her birthday:

  • A personalised wine glass with her name on it;
  • A personalised notebook with her initial on it or a cute message;
  • A personalised framed print with photos of you both;
  • A personalised mug with photos of you both printed on it;
  • A personalised key ring with a photo of you both.

One female member recommended purchasing a bespoke pillow that has an image of you both imprinted in an ‘it’s my girlfriends birthday next week‘ forum post, which is also a fantastic idea.

3) A night away in a fancy hotel

This one depends on your woman, however, some love to get away and have a romantic night in a hotel. Not only are you able to enjoy your stay too, but this will create even more memories for you both. The trip doesn’t need to be super expensive, just as long as you have a nice room and there are lots of things to do around the hotel. Some ideas of things to do on her birthday when you’re staying overnight in a hotel room:

  • Explore local scenery and the surrounding areas (especially if you’re staying in a city like London);
  • Order a takeaway, or even better, take her out for a nice wine and dine meal;
  • Surprise her to an additional gift whilst staying at the hotel;
  • Go on a shopping trip and surprise her with some cash to treat herself;
  • In the evening watch a film in your hotel room, and run her a nice bath beforehand;
  • Don’t tell her that you have upgraded the room to VIP, and surprise her on check-in;
  • Go out for some alcoholic drinks and cocktails in the nearby bars close to the hotel;
  • Visit a nearby cinema and watch an awesome movie together that you will both enjoy;
  • Tell the hotel, bar and restaurant that it’s your girlfriend birthday for an applause (only if your girlfriend isn’t shy).

As her birthday approaches, you are likely to be considering the best course of action to put a big smile on her face for when she wakes up in the morning, from my experience, these ideas will be sure to do the trick.

Birthday gifts for her that aren’t a good idea

I have been in a few long-term relationships, therefore, unfortunately for me, I have some experience with buying gifts that they aren’t pleased with (or just don’t fit!).

Yes, I am speaking about clothes. Buying clothes as a gift is quite simply the riskiest approach you can take, as there are a hundred things that can go wrong: they may not like the colour; it may not fit; they may not like the material etc – the list is endless. If you would like my advice, I would recommend staying away from purchasing clothes as gifts, full stop. If they don’t like it, you will then need to go through the hassle of sending the product back, waiting for a refund and so forth. It’s not worth the risk.

Do not buy gifts for yourself. This sounds like a silly one, but do not buy an Xbox and claim that it is for her, when you know that you’ll be using it the most and that that it’s primarily a present for you to use. She won’t like this and she’ll spot the cheekiness from a mile off.

The wrong perfume. Another risky one and before gifting her perfume, you need to ask yourself why you’re choosing that particular fragrance. Is it because you have seen her use the same one before? Are you familiar with the brand because your ex-partner used to wear it, or another woman? Is it a guess? If you have seen her wear it before, good call, however, if you don’t know much about the perfume and your making assumptions based on other women, it’s a big no-no.

Lingerie. OK, before I dive into this one, I don’t mean that every girl doesn’t like lingerie, but there are certain women that don’t feel confident wearing it. Before buying lingerie for your partner, you need to establish if she’d be up for wearing it on a special lonesome occasion between you both. If she isn’t then it’s probably not a good idea after all, and it may make her feel uncomfortable / forced to do something that is out of her comfort zone.

Something that reminds her of the ex-lover. This may seem like something that impossible to do, but you do need to be careful when gifting presents, as it may turn out that the ex-lover gifted her the exact same present in their last relationship. An example here would be taking her to stay in a hotel for her birthday, one of which she has stayed at previously with her ex-boyfriend (the same hotel and location). She may think it’s an odd thing to do, but if you aren’t aware of her last relationship or what they got up to – this isn’t one to worry about, just be wary.




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