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Author Topic: wondering about sexuality

December 22, 2019, 07:15:44 PM
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Whilst we have been married for 15 years and no kids, over the last 3 years my relationship with my wife has changed significantly, with our traditional gender roles being reversed. Since being retrenched from a corporate role and suffering a bit of a breakdown 6 years ago, after being unemployed for 8 months I have reentered the workforce working in a supermarket as a cashier. My wife on the other hand has progressed and is now in a high paying and high profile marketing role. Over that period I have assumed all the household duties which is understandable as I work less hours. Whilst over this period I have lost confidence and become more submissive, she has become more assertive and dominant. This has progressed to the bedroom where I am very submissive and she more dominant, although our actual sex life is now very irregular and with mainly mutual masturbation comments like she needs a real man, I find this both offensive and a turn on. I feel inadequate now with her and as I see she is usually out late with work events, most times coming home a little tipsy, especially with a lot of males, I feel like she is playing on my submissiveness. This excites me and I'm wondering whether tis will proceed to another stage, such as cuckolding or as I am now very curious about guys and c**cks, even find myself dreaming about sucking one?

January 13, 2020, 04:48:03 PM
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My situation is a bit different as to how I got "there"..but I cant deny ..Im THERE. My GF has always liked to watch gay porn ..guys fucking other guys...then she started to be very dominant with me ..which i like..i even started letting her tie me up..she would tease me like crazy and threaten to make me her bitch and then one night she tied me up and with no warning popped up with a strap on and this devilish look on her face...she facefucked me good with it and i couldnt believe my cock was rock hard !!! when she seen that she got really excited and afterwards she taunted me because she knew i liked it even though I had NO idea I would. I wondered..fuck..does this make me gay? I asked her..she insisted it was Not because it was Her and not a guy and that I should just give in and let her have her way with me..I cant lie..she looked HOT with that strap on and it made her sooo very horny I couldnt say No. I love making her happy...so I gave in to her and it became "a thing".
Then it became more like your situation...she started making comments about me Not being Big enough and she needed a Real man to fuck her and how it would REALLY make her happy if I would suck a Real cock for her.
I couldnt doit at the the time ...but deep down..I wanted to find out what it would feels like.
At this point The idea has gone crazy in my mind..I dont care what it "lables" me - I want to explore more
Sometimes not being in control is the Sexiest feeling in the World


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