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Author Topic: Why women fall in love with Married Men?

March 22, 2019, 12:14:22 AM
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Troubled Soul

I got to know this lady sometime last year and told her that I was married and not looking into having an affair. 
After some time, she told me that it is ok for her, and she really loves me.  We meet and had sex, and she is very accommodating to me spending time with my wife and children.  Always tell me not to hurt them, but to spend time with her whenever I am available.
She is not after my money as she has her own profession, and running a small business on her own.  She has introduced me to all her family, including her parents.  She told me she just wants to be with me.

Mind asking what did she really want? 

I am feeling guilty as she is very pretty and still young(she's 38, I‘m 50). I really do not want to ruin her future. 

I feel that i am not worthy of her attention, and felt that i am only using her body (She is excellent on bed, and even allow me to do anal)  What do you think?

March 23, 2019, 10:16:02 AM
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It is a complicated question, I can understand you and her.Im in love with a married man from work, nothing is going on between us.But Im 35 and I couldn't find a man that I can realy like and fall in love with.But I found myself falling for that one because of the attention that he gives me.
Maybe she doesnt want anything, she finds what she is looking for in your personality.Still it is wrong to cheat!.. if you care for your wife you should try to find a balance.Think about your wife too.And yourself.
You mentioned that you feel that you are taking advantage of her body.. does that mean you dont love her?If you dont .. I suggest you tell her that .. and be clear about your feelings to her, not the fact that you wont leave your family.Let  her know you dont love her.. maybe she will back off herself.
Women look for live and attention.. if you dont love her, make sure to tell her that in a clear way. The fact that you are not going to leave your family doesnt mean you dont love her ... make it clear .. she may back off

March 24, 2019, 11:12:31 PM
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Troubled Soul

Hi Maria,

Thanks for replying.
You are sharp in your observation and your analysis.  Yes, I do feel that I am abusing her body because I cannot really provide for her anything.  I am drawing out pleasure from her, but there is nothing I can return her, but only some spare time whenever possible.

Yes indeed, cannot leave my family does not means I am not in love with her.  I do enjoy her presence and love her company.  But our time together is only a year, and I believe this feeling is genuine. 

I have always been telling her, go look for someone who can marry you.  But she said she just want my companionship.  Not wanting me to divorce to marry her, which touched me a lot. Thus I am confused, why a nice lady will do such a thing!

She has a sweet look and a pleasant personality, volunteering in animal care, helping out in old folk's home, teaching music part-time, a learned and hard working lady.  Why will he settle for a man who cannot give her marriage lives?


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