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Author Topic: Where do I go from here?

September 27, 2019, 03:15:47 PM
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There's a girl I met in university who I really like, but things got a little awkward at some point so we haven't spoken in a while. When we first met, she was super-responsive and enthusiastic, but it's degraded over time and now there would be days between responses so I opted to stay back for a little while since I felt like I was being a little overbearing. I recently attempted to message ask her if she wanted to check out some stuff at club day together to see if things would get better. I had asked her if she was interested in clubs a semester prior, when she expressed her disinterest in that, but I was hoping she would change her views on that so it was worth a shot. She turned me down with a "I'm fine, thanks", but there aren't many more opportunities to meet up irl since we have no classes together this semester. Our "relationship" is already kind of awkward, so would trying to starting another online conversation be my best option, or should I risk further stagnation by waiting until next semester when we MIGHT have a class together?