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Author Topic: What would you feel if your boyfriend is feminine?

May 06, 2019, 10:46:16 PM
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I have this disagreement with my girlfriend over my feminine style. I have always show myself a rather soft image in public. This is just part of my signatures. However, the girl I’ve been seeing for a year really have issue with this. She keeps asking me why I dress and act like a woman. I feel deep inside she worry I am actually gay and she has a specific image she want her boyfriend to be. So though we love each other I don’t quite fit into that.

To stretch the story back a bit further, I started dressing more feminine when I was dating this girl years back who encouraged me to be a more feminine character. That relationship sometimes feels like sister-hood. Overtime I get very comfortable and natural with everything lady-like. I use skin care products, I have my purse, pink is my to-go color and I had my nails/brows done with her every few weeks. Somewhat when things fell apart I never bother to change my style. I feel this is the person I am comfortable to be and feel proud of who I am.  (I don't really talk about the exs' stuff in front my my girlfriend worry she won't take it the right way)

To add more context I was not talking about a full-blown cross-dressing or intend to physically change my gender that kind of stuff. It was more like wearing tight outfit/jeans, high boots, leggings, panties and yoga outfit with a bit more girly touch since most of the time I am quite active. Maybe occasionally I would match a loose sweater dress with legging and knee high boots in the winter. I have a smaller build, roughly around size 8~10 so even in women’s standard I am not on the larger side and they fit me actually better than many men’s baggy clothing. I always have a bunch of small cute things (keychains, pinky and floral decor). I also shave daily and trim my brows since I don’t like hairs on my body and I always wear straight hair at least chest long so you get the image.

So far I keep telling her to laugh about it and this is not a big deal. and I love her and I am physically attracted to her. She occasional teasing me calling me her sis. But even so she is very conservative (and religious) that she feel people need to fit into their stereo-types. She always want to looked lady-like and she thinks it is only acceptable when men act and look in certain way. So we still have argument over this from time to time. I feel so comfortable of myself so I really think this is not a big deal but it's exhausting seeing her take out on me and tell me she doesn't want to be with a guy dress like her sister.

I want to know what would you feel or do if this happens on your boyfriend or husband?
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May 08, 2019, 08:13:21 PM
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You have to tell yourself the truth and let that amazing woman find herself her...real man ?

May 21, 2019, 09:42:21 AM
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I honestly don’t understand the whole men being men and women being women stereotype argument. (I think she got that from bible maybe?)

I was in a few relationships from the past that my girlfriend was always more dominant and since I am a quite soft person so I always follow her lead and satisfy her requests. It can be from where to eat, what to dress, how to spend our time together, to who is on the top in the bedroom. Two of my girlfriends even routinely took me to have our nails done and have the brow fixed.

All the physical things aside, I was under the impression that many women actually love to have a feminine boyfriend when they can be the one in control. and I feel quite used to be that role to support and entertain her needs.
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