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Author Topic: What to do?? Confused and feel lead on

April 04, 2019, 02:45:48 PM
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Sorry it’s really long!!!
So I’ve been seeing this guy for nearly 4 months, and honestly from the beginning I didn’t think much was going to happen between us, I’d been seeing a guy at the time who was toxic for me and I needed to end things with but had feelings for. So I met this guy at a club and we hit it off straight away, and I grabbed his number as his phone died. I didn’t message or call him as I felt it was just a club hook up, but he found me on social media the next day (after only knowing my first name) and was interested.

We met up and it was a few days before New Years and he decided he had wanted to spend it with me. We spent the night together and he gave me my first ever New Years kiss. From there we have been talking every day and got to the point where I saw him at least 6/7 days a week. He told his mates about me and I got to meet them, which I found to be a huge step so early. However he did warn me from the beginning that he had just left a 5 year relationship about half a year prior to meeting me, but was still chasing his ex at the time I had met him. I noticed they were still talking when I started to see him, but he cut off contact with her really quick and she blocked him on everything, after they had a huge fight. I ended things with the other guy, and felt things had moved too quickly with my new guy as I had developed feelings for him really quick.

He was always making an effort to text and see me, and if I was sad he would drop everything to come over to my house and listen and hold me, even for two hours before he went back home. He got jealous whenever I went out clubbing without him and would text me all night to make sure I was okay and not doing anything with other guys. We went on “double dates” with my sis and her boyfriend, and he has willingly met my family already. He would say he missed me after not seeing me for a day. He would call me after his nights out and drunkenly tell me I was beautiful and wanted me with him, but now things have gone sour.

I started uni and made friends with a few guys, one of which I hang out with some nights. They have told me they like me in that way but I friendzoned them all as I have my eyes on the guy I’m seeing. Whenever we hang out my guy always asks what we got up to and what we talked about, and wants to know every detail. He went out over the weekend and I feel he met a girl, as he’s been secretive over his phone and went to the extent to change his notifications so you can’t read what it says on your lock screen. I pulled him up and he said it was to hide from his snooping colleagues but I don’t believe it. I told him about my feelings today and he told me he had “good feelings” for me but wasn’t ready for a relationship which is understandable, but I am interested in a future relationship with him. I told him if he hasn’t envisioned me somewhere in his future I wanted to end it there and move on, but he didn’t want that and told me he had thought about us being together before, but was “going with the flow”. I’m confused! Should I stick around and see where we go because we both don’t want to lose each other, or should I start opening up my options and moving on??


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