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Author Topic: Wasn't this Abuse?

March 17, 2019, 01:19:59 PM
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Long time ago when I was young and inexperienced I  briefly got into a long distance relationship with a guy who  happened to be 4th  cousin something
At first everything was great  and I was flattered but after we met he started ghosting me and I was way too  clingy texting all the  time.  I knew that we weren't a match for  sure and he obviously didn't love me but neither of us wanted to accept it. I remember I suggested that  we  finish things and his answer was why are you acting like this  no don't do that  to  me .  Which gave me false hopes on our third date which was my idea I insisted on  seeing  him and he agreed  it was my first time dating a  guy he held my hands and kissed me on the  cheek I was doubtful but I  kissed him on the cheek as well then he looked around to see if anyone is watching and pressed his lips on mine I was about to say we shouldn't do this but he kissed me and I  was like oh he must be really  in love with me I didn't know that  before. then he kissed  more and grabbed my breast which sent a shiver down my spine my guts told me something isn't right. I had a  terrible feeling I asked if he loved me  he said he  likes me not the way I think then he kissed again  and said "YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM ME" I was Shook . He said he wouldn't want a girl who he can have easily. he said "you don't believe in sex before marriage so you can't be with me " I asked why did he kiss me  if he doesn't love me and his answers were absurd with smirks "you have  come a long way, I can't be with you at least I can't kiss you" I never forget his smirks . I felt horrible.  And by the way I didn't know how to  kiss and didn't want to  kiss him back because I  felt my heart was breaking into parts . I only listened to his heartbeat and kissed his forehead  because I had some feelings for him .  I asked him to go home and stop kissing me when he didn't love me he said let's stay more .  I felt really scared.  But I couldn't run away  cry or scream. in the end he said I was just another ordinary girl and this shouldn't be repeated because he didn't want to be emotionally attached to me he warned me not to think of  love at all because  he's a  busy man and doesn't want love to take his time. 
I went home heartbroken and crying  all the way home. I felt guilty I felt horrified. 
I  was 22 and cried had PTSD about this  horrible  incident. I hated myself when I looked into the  mirror . I cursed my image. Never dated anyone again and became workaholic so that I stop thinking about how awful it was.  My question is  was I abused in your opinion??
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March 17, 2019, 07:15:49 PM
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Hi Dear, I am sorry you had to go through this. That man was a real asshole to do that you.

March 19, 2019, 10:43:31 AM
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Definitely abuse. Took advantage of you and manipulated your feelings to get a touch. Your best move is to move on and let it serve as a lesson. Look out for red flags in the future! Stay strong


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