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Author Topic: V-day Dilemma

February 13, 2020, 02:05:49 AM
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Okay so here’s some background on the situation.
My boyfriend and I are both broke students. I didn’t want our financial limitations to prevent us from having a Valentine’s Day date so I got this babysitting job for the two of us and together we made $100. It wasn’t a super hard job and we more or less got paid to study and hangout together. So as Valentine’s day is approaching he suggests that we spend money on a date and spilt the remaining amount. But the issue was that I spent a little bit of it on groceries...

For more background on the situation I live on my own and my boyfriend lives with his parents but is here every second day. I spend about $100 at least every two weeks on groceries as I am grocery shopping for two. I have been grocery shopping for the two of us for 6 months now and it adds up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all, I love taking good care of my boyfriend.

I tried to explain to him that I had to use a bit of it to but us some groceries but he still insists on splitting the remaining money. Even though I would be digging into my savings account to give him every last cent of his share.

I was personally shocked because I could never accept let alone ask for money from anyone. I just feel that if I was in his shoes I would appreciate everything that is done for me and wouldn’t insist for money the remaining money left over especially if that meant that now it was coming from my significant others pocket.

I don’t even know, makes me crazy that money comes over love sometimes with people. Am I crazy or is it normal for a guy to be this way with money? I just feel like personally it’s not a big deal, it’s money, isn’t the important thing that we are spending Valentine’s Day together and going on a nice date? Shouldn’t that be good enough?

Please give me your honest thoughts and opinions! Thanks!