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Author Topic: Unsure if I am overthinking this...

December 11, 2019, 10:29:06 PM
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My girlfriend and I have had a week long trip planned just north of the border to Canada for a few months now, and it is within a few weeks. However, I just learned of a death in the family and will need to travel to Europe at some indeterminate time in the future for the funeral. Unfortunately, this indeterminate time will probably coincide with our planned travel, or at least partially.

Am I overthinking the situation:

She left a voicemail this morning while I was at work asking if I was ok. However, this evening, she seemed a bit unhappy. She told me she is a little bit unhappy because it looks like I might not be able to take the trip and, as you know, airlines and hotels are not too keen on refunding tickets or booked stays. She says she's hoping I can still go but to let her know, so if I can't she can find a friend to take my spot so at least the hotel/activities that were booked wouldn't go to waste.

I understand that from a financial perspective of course you don't want to waste a trip. But, it just feels... disingenuous if one of the first things you do is express your displeasure that you had your trip interrupted... I am just not sure if I would let the other person know I was displeased, or behave in a displeased manner, especially since I just found out about the death this morning.

Would like your opinions. Thanks!


December 12, 2019, 04:48:05 AM
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Captain Black

I have to say I would think the same.

A tragic event like a funeral for a family member should come first and she should be more understanding of that situation despite the dissappointment of you not being able to attend the trip. Its not your fault .  That to me comes across as her being a very selfish person. That's an issue that you may need to discuss on your return as the last thing any guy would want is a me,me me type partner.



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