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Author Topic: The most Complicated 3 year friendship (if it is one?)

April 14, 2019, 11:06:12 PM
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I just graduated college but live in the same town where I had studied and 3 years back met this guy who ended up taking my virginity. He didnt know he took it until a year later, but we always slept on and off during that first year. Its been three years now and every time we run into each other he constantly flirts with me and teases me in front of his friends. I assumed we were jsut friends with benefits who hooked up at the most random times. every time we do hang out we both always talk about about our childhood and life struggles which would mean that we are very close friends except we barely communicate unless we run into each other. well this weekend i ran into him in a different state (where he grew up) and we were both visiting. he asked to get drinks and then we hung out on his grandparents patio. he repeatdelty kept on telling me it was so strange to have me on this patio that he grew up on and we talked for almost 3 hours about our similar personality and weird friendship. and then all of a sudden he made out with me (which i knew was gonna happen). i told him i did nto want to escalate and he said it was completely understandable and then went on this huge monolauge of how i am a "homie" and thats why he enjoys hooking up with me and that ive always been there for me?

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT IS HAPPENIGN? are we even friends? is he mentally playing with me? or is he jsut scared of commitment? cause i am lost


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