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Author Topic: Taking back my ex... is it really a good idea.

April 07, 2019, 06:31:43 AM
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So I was in  a relationship  for about a year  with this guy it was amazing he new I found it hard to let anyone in but I gave  myself a chance to love and let someone love me. Until I noticed  his change in behaviour,  he spoke on  communication loyalty honesty you name it. Just to hide what he was doing. The flirting with other woman etc I new more way more then I let on,  One evening I was confronted my his ex wife  in which she  said  they had been sleeping together for the last few weeks. I tryed  speaking on it but  would end up talking about the ex wife  how he has been stressed  etc  There would be times were I would ask a question  and he would turn it around and say i new you bring it up and he would make me feel bad for asking  even after finding out all we spoke on was her  her her,   I ended up ordering pizza as I got  so fed up  and bored of hearing  about her struggles  and how they  were together they did this and that. Don't get me wrong I love hearing 
What people do but  not at the time and who really wants to no  about  the ins and outs of  there past lover.  I tryed so hard to make  the relationship work, I then walked away  a couple months after as I saw myself  loosing my self worth  I got very ill  from it all  and became suicidal. Id lost the love of my life  and found it hard to move on.   He  started seeing another woman but ended messaging me here and there wanting me back saying he misses me Sending  pictures and videos of us when we were together.  I did so well not  given in and I finally message  to ask what he wants etc.  He wants to give things another go but I'm still very  wary and not sure if it's the best thing to give it another go.
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April 07, 2019, 12:10:26 PM
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hi there in my opinion you should not take him back if he would be honest and deal the problem with you and not his ex wife its reconsiderable but not like this

April 08, 2019, 11:42:52 AM
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Taking an ex back is never a good idea,  you had the chance to move, he is in the past,  one day you will thank yourself


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