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Author Topic: Stuck in the middle of 2 guys, upset and confused

February 26, 2020, 10:23:23 AM
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I have been dating guy A for 2 years and we spent at least 5 days a week together. He is very nice to me and makes me feel appreciated with his actions. But I want to be entirely honest here and there are a few problems which i had in this relationship:
1) A is super introverted so sometimes i get tired of initiating conversations and i wonder if i can keep up with this after marriage
2) i might not be as serious as A and im not sure if he is “the one”
3) mismatched libido, like we can have sex only once every 2-3 months even tho we sleep together 5days a week, we stay in dorm.
4) Hes insecure about me not being willing to publicise our r/s on instagram

I broke off with Guy A 8 months ago and i think it wasnt a clean break because we continued talking like normal friends and its obvious we still have feelings for each other.

But i met Guy B and lets say hes the 20% that i have been looking for Guy A is missing. Hes a better conversationalist and we have great sex but then again there ate problems:
1) Very busy and enjoy personal time alot so we probly only meet once a week even when we are in the same school
2) We have different views towards marriage. He might not want to get married and is adamant about not having kids but i think id want one.
3) can be bad tempered and annoyed at me but dotes on me still
4) idk if this point helps but he crossdresses and cannot cum during sex (never once), he can only cum to a specific genre of porn
5) vast difference in family background which makes me pretty insecure

I told A today i have been going out with B and I think hes very upset but because im not sure if i can commit to A, idk what to do..

I started talking to B because it doesnt seem like he cares about me or anything at first but i think things are getting serious now and im really confused..

I know i fucked up and this is really bad but im really lost..


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