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Author Topic: Somone..anybody..HELP

April 12, 2019, 11:01:41 AM
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Ell Roo

So i wanna share a lil story and a peak into my love life.
When I was a freshmen in highschool, I met and what i thought, I met my soulmate. I mean we were so very much in love! Our beautifil relationship lasted only a year. One very fateful night, we were at the carnival in our home town and had an argument over something so stupid, it's heart breaking to even remember now. Anyway. We broke up that same night, I remember dropping tp the ground and crying. I know it was my fault for acting a fool. The weeks passed and we would still see eachother at school. One day, I begged him if we could talk, so we went for a walk and started talking bout EVERYTHING. Finally when asked if we could patch things up and get bacl together he simply said no. (Take note that at that point in time he was going thru alot with his dad, mom, their divorce and everything that comes with that) after he said those words to me I knew that I had to move on. Even tho it was so painful, I did anyway. I was angry and prideful that I moved on without looking back...the months passed and one day my friend's  invited me to a friends house, where I met my now current bf/fiancee. We clicked instantly and made a connection. We started texting everyday and would hang out none stop. I finally felt I was over my first love,  or so I thought. So we started dating and that was that. My ex love soon found out I was with someone else and I guess that was what made him realize  he made a mistake...he would try and try to talk to me and win me back, but by that time it was too late. Maybe I shoulda dropped the new guy but I felt I couldn't do that to him. So i told my ex love some very horrible things  so he could hate me and forget about me forever....long story short. I have now been with my new love  ever since,  8 years to be exact. But recently before the end of 2018 I reached out to my ex because I couldn't hold these feelings anymore.  I had to apologize  to him because we never got closure or anything. And ever since then we have been talking. And I know it may not be right in other peoples eyes but I just can't help it. We talk and it just feels right. And for a while things with my bf have been bumpy. We fight alot and cant agree on anything. We almost broke up. But I just can't bring myself to leave him.  What if I'm meant to be with my ex? I keep having these thoughts about my ex and I don't want it to cloud my mind and not focus on my current relationship. I am at a crossroads. I don't know what to do. I love my bf, I really do but I feel like its not going anywhere. Somone please help with wisdom...
(Also my ex said to me that if he could have a chance at a life with me he would) thats what makes this so hard but I don't want to hurt anyone  :(
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April 12, 2019, 01:18:28 PM
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Hi Ell Roo,
I think you've already answered your own question. If you truly feel like it's not going anywhere then why are you still with him? Out of comfort? :-\ I think life's too short to be with someone you don't actually love and it's also kind of rude to waste your current bf's time if you don't love him like your ex. Just be honest with yourself.
However, the choice is yours, I wish you the best of luck  :)