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Author Topic: So many compliments from my driving instructor...how cute?

September 10, 2019, 09:12:18 AM
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So guys,  :)
my former driving instructor was so cute to me!

It all kind of started when he told me that I could phone him whenever I wanted if I had any sort of question. So, one day I called him and we chatted for like 40 minutes. He was so gentle to answer all of my doubts and he told me some really nice things.  ;D

At the beginning he was like "bravo, bravo...you know, people who reflect a lot means that they ask themselves some really good questions, very good, bravo".
Then, as I asked him something about the engine, he told me that he was so surprised that I was asking myself these kind of questions, and he added thank god, cause if not no one could ever pass the practical test hahah, lol. So he added that I should have become a driving examiner. We had a good laugh. ;D
At the end of the phone call, after asking him like 20 questions, I said that I was done and he said like "you already done?" laughing, so I told him "well, isn't it enough?...tomorrow more then" so he started laughing like never before lol and he added "congrats, you're really working very well, I wish every student was like you, instead..." and guys, when he told me that, I felt so happy. Like really. I didn't expect such a kind comment, also because during the lessons before he had never told me such things. He's very professional. We had always been laughing and chatting, but he never made me feel so "special" hahaha.  ;D

On the last day, when I took my license, he told me that I had been very funny and that he had a great time teaching me how to drive. He was sooo sweet. I gave him a little present and he said "oh no, you make me blush" hahaha, lol.  ;D

Sorry guys, but...I have to say that: my former driving instructor is better than yours. hahaha  8)

What do you guys think of all of this?  :)
Let me know. I'm curious to read other points of view.  ;)

September 11, 2019, 08:27:51 PM
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Well aren't you lucky? lol I wish my driving instructor was HALF as nice as yours! especially during my driving test when i got 11 points taken off just because someone beeped at me for not turning right on red which I was advised NOT to do during a driving test btw -__-
Anyway, sounds like a relationship blooming  ;) you guys are really vibing with one another!


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