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Author Topic: She doesn't want to meet me

February 17, 2020, 07:20:46 AM
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Hello  :)

Thank you for reading my message.
I could write a lot about my problem but I try to keep it short. If you have any questions, I will be happy to provide detailed answers. I would like to note that this entry is only for adults.

I have an online relationship with Maria (name changed). Just yesterday I said to Maria that we are actually a perfect couple. Maria has confirmed this. We are very close and feel very familiar with each other. I feel very comfortable with her. So it was like that from the beginning since October 2018.

We saw each other in real life but she didn't speak to me but we both know that we have very good chemistry with each other. We speak a lot and know all the secrets of each other. We also have "sex" via video chat. And I share with Maria all of her wishes, also these which she calls dark desires. We practice the same religion and I cannot see that something would not suit us. We would actually be a dream couple. So Maria if you also read this you are welcome to confirm or deny.

The problem with the whole thing is that Maria don't want to meet me and don't want to start a real relationship with me. I would marry her now.
Maria says the problem is that she can't trust me.

So I think I'm the person who knows the most about her. And when we speak we have a very high level of familiarity. In our video sex she is also very familiar and open to me. Maria only does this with me because we are so familiar.

Maria generally has a problem with trust and is very afraid that she will be disappointment. Although Maria really is a very wonderful woman because of her personality and and look. Is she dissatisfied with herself. She thinks she is fat. She simply has a very amazing and feminine hourglass figure. She doesn't believe me that I find her extremely attractive (despite video sex).

She has the feeling that she cannot trust me. I would finally like to  give her a real picture of me in a real meeting. But she never wants to meet me. It's always an up and down. Again and again very familiar and intimate conversations and then she tells me we have to separate or she blogs me. Only yesterday evening she said yes we going to meet and she was "intimate". We talk and sometimes she shows me her breasts. I am masturbatin and she enjoys it. And she blogged me again this morning. I fell she did this 1000 times. In the beginning, I always tolerated everything. Then I started looking for another woman when we came back to us because we really like each other. We can talk the whole day about everything and we enjoy to have our association. We have had breaks lately and then contacted again where everything happens again and again: conversation, hope, rejection. I never rejected or doubted. I would just now book a flight for the weekend to her. We live in different Countries, but next to each other.

Maria never talks about her reasons in a normal and fair talk. Or when she did. She forget about it.

So she always judges me with various points but never talk in fair way about this. I could really write a long list now. I give just a few examples:

1.She says I speak to other women. I only do that after she has rejected me 1000 times.

2. She says that I tell all women that I love them. I would like to approach one of the women I spoke to after Marie rejected me. But Maria is not interested in any clarification.

3. I said I made a "Welcome Maria" sign and she said I was lying. I immediately showed her the sign. But her opinion didn't change that.

4. Before I spoke to Maria, I spoke to another woman that I ended up promptly (and that was very superficial anyway). Maria kept saying that I was still in contact with this woman. I wrote to this woman and also to the Matchmaker and both confirmed that I was never in contact with her again. But Maria doesn't change her mind.

5. I canceled an important date in my life so that I could meet Maria. Maria says I am a liar and this important appointment never took place. Maria did not meet me and I was on this important life event and showed her that as a video proof. I was ready to skip a very important event in my live. But Maria doesn't change her mind.

I could list hundreds of points that show my determination and sincerity to marry Maria. But Maria ignores everything and never wants to have a fair conversation with me. Maria also doesn't want us to talk to a third party about everything but we keep going our relationship.

We really like each other and we are very familiar.
But Maria is so stubborn and gives us no chance that we can become a real couple.

Should Maria finally have a fair conversation with me based on reason and logic and proofs?

Should Maria finally meet me and see me in real life and then find out if she wants to marry me?
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February 20, 2020, 10:19:08 AM
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This is disease of new age. My opinion is that chatting is not the same as relationship.
In one hand it is some kind of relationship but its not real, touchable old school term of relationship.
Chit chat can cause feelings, but looking someone in the eyes, holding for the hand is not the same as sending LOL, smiley or hold mobile.
That's it, you think what you want, but that is the fact.
Editor on real place for relationships

February 20, 2020, 04:08:02 PM
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@ teencam.party

Thanks for your message.

I confirm what you say. But Maria doesn't want to meet me. This is reason why I opened this post.

February 21, 2020, 01:49:50 AM
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Because, for her thats just chat. You are not real. Maybe in her real life she actually have someone.
Do you understand now what i mean?
Editor on real place for relationships


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