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Author Topic: Really confused don't know what I should do

July 19, 2019, 01:39:07 PM
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I met this guy on April who is a single dad.

We have a good chemistry, including sexual chemistry.

The problem is that his communication pattern is quite erratic since we started dating and we haven't seen each other many times

I asked him before we had sex what is that he wants out of this and pointed out gently the need for communication.

He says always don't Be silly I'm not ignoring you I am busy with work and other stuff because he is gonna move to his newly bought flat.

He said he wants regular dating like me and that moving forward to the summer he will have more time.

He has mentioned future stuff about us and what he would like us to do together. After sex where he stayed the night. I noticed he is a bit distant so I asked him about it.

He said again don't be silly I'm not ignoring you etc.
He asked me out 2 times the past weeks but I couldn't make it as I had other plans and his suggestion was last minute. We live close by tho.

Now. I asked him out this week before I left for holiday and he said he can't as he is working all week and this was short notice. He also went one week without contact but he snooped my profile on the dating site we both are.

He suggested to do something when I come back.

I said I understand that he can't meet. I just also told him
That in any case if he doesn't want to continue this to let me know and that I would like to meet when he is back why not as he said to do something when I am back if I want.

He said to let him know when I'm back and he wished me a nice holiday. He is also going on Monday.

The discussion ended by me saying that I'm back on the 4th.

What should I do?? Should i assume he is playing me? I asked him times if he is really single and said yes. So basically he also before sex asked me if I want only him etc.

Truth is on sex it was good but intermittently he was falling a bit and then he told me he took coke. He showed me the thing as well. But overall was really good and intense.

I don't know what is happening on his end and don't know if I should be looking for others... When I also said I had plans when he asked me these two times recently he seemed pissed and he was asking questions with who what I did etc


July 20, 2019, 06:48:28 PM
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Just tell him you need to have a conversation about it and say all of this to him, if he still continues with the same rhetoric then you know it's a waste of time. Why sign up to a dating aite if you don't have time for a relationship? If he was in love he would want to ne with you all the time.


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