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Author Topic: Opinions Please

February 25, 2019, 05:46:19 AM
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Please take a few min to read and I would like opinions on this situation just for shits and giggles!!

OK so I want to run a scenario by and get different opinions on a hypothetical situation. So your in a relationship and your partner constantly talks to and tells there ex they love them every other day in text. So you voice your opinion and get shut down real quick and told she is just my friend. Also you made sure that you didnt talk to your ex AT ALL out of respect for your partner and even if you did NEVER said i love you.  So you understand that and let it be. However every time they hang out she refuses to answer the phone around her or if she came over refuses to conversate in the same room. Now yes she doesn't answer the phone a lot but you ask her to please at least answer the phone when around her and it's agreed upon. Also she has another ex that hangs out all the time and talks to and respects you laughs everything. And the ex that can't be hung out in front of you with constantly tells you that she is hers and will always be yes you understand that you can't control what others say. Then another situation your partner tells you they are going to come home and watch a movie with you and then decides to say oh sorry but so and so called I'm going to take her check from her I need money and later come to find out went to the casino. Then another time the ex shows up and ends up falling asleep in your partners bed while your in the next room. OK so keep in mind yes your pretty sure they aren't sleeping together sexually. Then another time your partner leaves and doesn't come back for almost 24 hours and come to find out they were at their exes. So after that you have a serious heart to heart conversation and break down crying telling your partner how much you feel disrespected and ask them look your not telling them NOT to talk to their ex/friend but to simply respect you by making sure they answer their phone when they are with them and not to stay the night again or allow them to come and sleep in their bed again and to tell their ex that she needs to respect you. And it's agreed upon between the both of you. Then not too long after that you know your partner is with their ex AGAIN and you call your partner phone and they hit ignore and then just shut it off for the rest of the night. So you text your partner and tell them ok we will see how you like it if you dont answer me in the next 2 hours you are going to hang out with your ex. So at this point when they are done hanging out now and go home to find out that your not there your partner wants to talk to you. OK now you know that 2 wrongs don't make a right but you didn't know how else to grab their attention and show them how they made you feel all those times. You tried your hardest in every way to tell them and they literally saw NOTHING WRONG  and never apologized and says that they werent fucking them so it doesnt matter. My question Is that all not VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO YOU and your relationship does that really place you #1 on that persons list as they claim you are. Even if they didnt sleep with them dont you think that they were so much in the WRONG. Was it not out of line? What exactly is your opinion on the situation please? Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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