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Author Topic: Not sure if I should keep trying or give up

January 01, 2020, 07:16:42 PM
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Confused giraffe

Hey, I posted on here a while ago about wondering if I was being clingy or if I should be worried.
I'm unsure if there's any replies sorry because I can't find my question.
But , since I last posted on here, a lot has gone on for me emotionally in our relationship and things haven't just been "left" to sort themselves out , we have talked about things.
I expressed that the way things had been for 2months had caused me to be depressed. (He was really distant ,hardly saw him, he was "too busy" rather often)
Funnily enough, the day after I explained to him how it had made me feel, he was "busy " again, and ever since, (October I think) he has cut back on messaging me,a lot. Never calls anymore,he used to call me every day. We used to send good night messages every night, he doesn't even do that now unless I do it first.  I've even become distant from the relationship myself, I'm at the point that when I'm not around him , I question if we should be together.
I've told him I'm not happy with hardly seeing each other. .I told him the distance for the two months caused my depression because it would of been less of a head wreck if we had split up rather than going through the feelings that I went through.  I've tried getting things going again by sexting , that doesn't last long. I gave up. I even lost interest in sex with him until I got drunk one night. I just don't know what to do anymore.
I see him for a day or two, then hardly hear from him the rest of the week because "he messages less so we have stuff to talk about if person" funnily enough we managed for the year before now with him wanting to call me every day.
It just feels like he isn't interested in me anymore. He doesn't show that he is, he used to come over to see me loads. He used to message me and call me all the time, now. . . . . Hardly anything. And even when he is over, he always has his kid now (he used to come over with out him sometimes so we could leave the house for a few hours after I finished work (I have a kid too and have very limited childcare . So after work on a fri night used to be a great time to just go for a drive and a bag of chips. But now,he always has his kid)
It's horrible looking at my phone to see there's nothing from him. It's rubbish not making plans with friends on the off chance he might come over (though I guess  I don't have to worry worry for about that right now) it's not that I put my life on hold for him, I just know that if I don't see him for a couple of weeks, that's the end for us. I enjoy being single,but if love some one, I want to spend time with them, have fun W.the them, actually see them.  I can adapt to being single very easily,which is the problem right now. I can't do things to distract myself,because I will want to do that, example, new game, he was over, hadn't seen him all week, I chose to play my game for for  few hours whilst he was sat there playing a different game.  With an ex, I started drawing in my free time,when he came to visit,I would get irritated because I just wanted to draw,or watch some more episodes of that TV show, or play that game.
I don't want to get to the point where I hardly see him so what's one more week?
I just. . Don't know what to do. Sorry it's so much to read. Just he tears at the moment


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