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Author Topic: Need honest advice

June 28, 2020, 07:25:31 PM
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My fiancé has been acting weird lately, going through my phone and asking me weird questions basically about if I trust her.  This led me to question things because of the whole quilty conscience theory.  In turn I went through her phone today and found a conversation from 2 years ago, while we were freshly together.  A few things bothered me about the conversation.  1.  2 months after we started dating there was a text stating “he told his girlfriend about it.”  My fiancé asked if he had gotten in trouble because of her.  Her explanation was that in August, 4 months before we had began dating they kissed outside of a bar and he hadn’t told his girlfriend until 6 months later.  2.  She was basically talking badly about me to him.  3.  She was basically talking about how much she felt secure and happy with me, and his response was “imagine if you had felt that way 3 years ago with us” (when they were hooking up). Her response to that was something along the lines of “I think we would have fell fastly one love and would have had to organize everything later”.  She seemed to have an excuse for everything and kept stating that it was nothing.  The things that bother me are:  1.  why are they texting 6 months after they “kissed” talking about did you get in trouble.  The conversation seems like it just happened.  2.  I feel very disrespected that she would talk badly about me to someone she used to have a fling with.  3.  The conversation they were having seems very flirtatious in regards to what would of happened if you felt this way 3 years ago.  Asking for opinions because she is denying everything.  It happened before we were together.  She was talking badly after 2 weeks of knowing eachother, and she is just flat out denying that their conversation is flirtatious in anyway.  Help me I feel crazy!!!

June 29, 2020, 07:34:16 PM
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Hmm, maybe to her it isn't flirtatious but if someone else is reading it looks like it is because they talked about "what if". If I understand well this fling happened before you guys met, I think she chose you and not the other person, she didn't have to tell you about it but she did. She disrespected you by talking badly about you to this other guy (is she even sorry?). If you love and care about her before you get married and make it official to the world. I think you should talk to her about it like that you will have closure and move on with your lives and that is something that happened is in the past. Or you can choose to forget about it because you know your fiancé is telling the truth.


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