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Author Topic: My wife went to jail last night for hitting me.

February 06, 2020, 02:53:34 PM
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Hello all,

How's every one out there doing? Last night my wife attacked me, pushed me several times, scratched my chest and bit the back of my neck. I've been married to my wife for over 3 years now, and we have been together for over 4 years. I noticed she had a serious anger problem, after we had our child. The cops came because she pushed me when I was holding our baby. She actually called them. She was mad because I was recording her. I did used to record her when she was going in to rages, because I felt I needed to protect myself. The reason I got a restraining order is because of her raging while she was holding my infant daughter, she would pace back and forth raging at the top of her lungs, slamming doors and saying inappropriate things. When my wife isn't angry, we have a great relationship. She get's angry now about twice a week. Not just angry, yelling and screaming in rage. About a year ago, she took our daughter who was over one years old at the time, to work and said she wasn't coming home this weekend. After all the abuse, I had to do something. I was scared she was going to take my child and run away. She said that she could just leave and I won't ever have to worry about seeing her or my daughter again, and I wouldn't have to pay child support. So I went to family court got an order for her to move out, and a temporary restraining order. She promised she would get help. She has been seeing a therapist for a while, but hasn't been going that much anymore. She used to go once a week and now it's not even once a month. We also were going to an awesome marriage therapist, a christian, marriage therapist who really did good work. We haven't been for a few month.

Back to the restraining order. I didn't show up to court so the restraining order got dropped. Because she promised to get professional help. Well now here we are a year later, I did see improvement when she was more active in going to therapy for controlling her anger. She actually was never physically abusive until recently. I told her, "what do you want me to do, call the cops?" She started the calling the cops, and I said, "Diane are you sure that you want to do this?" She kept dialing, so I called at the same time and got to them right before she did. She told the dispatcher that I was attacking her and that I was suicidal, and that I was drinking. None of this was true. The cops came and I told them my facts, and she told them her story. She tried to say, that I threw my body at her. What the hell is that? The only thing I did was grab my phone because she was trying to rip it out of my hands, because she thought that I was recording her.

She has raged throughout the marriage, and I tried to let her help herself, she did good for a minute, with obvious improvement. Now not so much. I know that most of you will say, divorce her. I've read on some of these posts before. It is true that about 70-80% of the time, everything is okay. My wife was diagnosed with schizophrenia once, and then bi-polar with something else now. In my mind her past life and what she has now always seemed like borderline personality disorder to me. She was in foster care when she was young. That is not an excuse for her, just the truth. I know she needs to get help. I am going to bail her out today. I am a christian, and I believe in miracles. I contacted the marriage therapist today, and she knows about this emergency and wants to help. Remember, when I said when we were going to her, that things were improving. I feel like we need to go every week now and so does the Marriage therapist. Most of you will say to just get a divorce. I believe she can get better, because i saw the improvements when she was active in her recovery. The only person she treats like this, is the closest one to her, and that person is her husband, (me). She has to get more serious help. I good thing is that she will be forced to got to a domestic violence class. Her work said that I was harassing her because i tried to call her on her cell phone a dozen times yesterday, and texted her a dozen times without a response. She usually responds, and I've been stressed out because when she get's angry she threatens divorce. Nothing i texted her was harassment at, It was all out of love. I know that there is stuff that I need to work on for myself, but hitting and emotionally abusing someone isn't an appropriate response for me texting and calling. Her deep seated anger comes from her child hood. And, I love her unconditionally. I hope someone has a positive experience to share with me that actually worked out for their marriage, that would be nice. Thank you all for trying to help, and for reading this.


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