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Author Topic: My impossible situation

February 23, 2020, 11:09:55 AM
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Alright ladies and gents, strap in for this one.

I’m in a 5 year relationship, and I need help. I met her in 2015 after a rough break up that I went through. To be honest, she was really more of a rebound. I wanted to make my ex jealous, but after a few weeks, I realized she was really good for me.

We got more serious and we fell in love. We have only had one fight in 5 years and our actual relationship is great. Here is where the problem comes in.

After about a year, we moved in together. A few months later, we found out she was pregnant and were eagerly anticipating our child and life together. Then in June of 2016, she had a totally unexpected stroke while pregnant and nearly died. This had major repercussions on her health and she could no longer drive or be alone.

We took up her parent’s offer of moving back to our hometown to live with them until a more permanent situation could be realized. I figured after a year, we would see some progress with her health but we didn’t. We had a healthy baby girl and she is wonderful.

The problem here is living with her parents. It is a toxic household. They want to dictate how we raise our child. Her mother and sister have severe bi polar and anger problems. I hate being around anger and fighting, and that’s all that happens in this house. They are also excessive germaphobes. They fight over the smallest things like dripping water on the counter or what to watch on TV. It turns into an all screaming match. This happens several times each day.

I am beginning to see my daughter develop these small anger traits at 2 years old. I don’t know what to do. I’ve racked my brain so many times over this. I’m miserable, but my girlfriend enjoys living here because it’s her family. She’s not angry or toxic like them, but she grew up with this. I did not. I grew up with a very loving family.

I want so bad to get our own place and just live a normal life. The fact is, my life will never be normal here. I haven’t been truly happy since we’ve been here. I’ve thought about separating myself from the situation and leaving on my own, but I love my little family so much. I am just worried this place will turn me into someone that is not good for them either.

It is so sad that I cannot even express how much I want change. My happy place is sitting in my vehicle in a parking lot or sleeping on my friends couch when I can find a good excuse. I only think of the past. I so long for the days of my one bedroom apartment when I had peace of mind. I feel like I have no home.

The difficult part is that it is not my girlfriend’s fault. We had nothing else to do, so it would be cruel to leave her for this.

Help, please.


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