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Author Topic: My friends are conspiring against what I truly want.

July 26, 2018, 07:33:54 AM
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My circle of friends has been talking about going on a trip together and one of my buddies suggested going on a real singles tour. I’ve never heard of such a trip and after they explained to me what usually goes on in these types of events, I was thinking of backing out. The thing is, they know I’ve been down in the dumps lately after my fiancée broke off our engagement a few weeks ago. All this has made me think this is all a conspiracy to push me to start dating again, with the guise of a group outing.

I mean I know that my friends mean well and that I should be moving on, but truthfully, I’m still not over her and our failed relationship. I want to just lie low for a while and move on naturally, in my own terms. How can I make them understand that, without giving off the impression that I don’t appreciate their effort?

July 27, 2018, 10:26:56 AM
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Even if they are your best friends, they cannot control you over things that you do not want particularly with activities that can aggravate the current situation of your love life. I would suggest that you make an alibi just so you need not go with them otherwise you may regret everything that may happen against your will. Just remember that you are the king of yourself and you have all the rights to do what you want as long as it is not illegal. So if you don't want to go then be firm about that decision whether you tell them bluntly or tell them an alibi.

July 31, 2018, 12:09:34 PM
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Your friends just don't want to see you lonely and they are making a way to make you happy again. If you don't really like to go on a trip, then tell your friends that if they can postpone it and soon you will go on a trip with them.  I know you need time for yourself, maybe you are still in the process of accepting things. But It's also good if you spend time with your friends to temporarily forget your loneliness. Don't be alone too much.


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