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Author Topic: My dad passed away and my boyfriend broke up with me right after - help!

March 31, 2019, 05:10:14 PM
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My boyfriend and I were baving problems the past few months. I wrote a couple questions on here. I made a few new friends and when I did things changed and he apparently felt like I no longer was showing appreciation or love. He wants to be number one all the time and it was hard balancing him and friends without causing trouble. So we were going to therapy to work it out. Well while this was going on my dad became ill very suddenly and I flew home and within 3 days he passed away. I’m devastated. I came back a week later and my boyfriend picked me up from the airport and I was crying and sobbing and he didn’t comfort me he said I wasn’t acting right and we should go to the er. I said I just needed sleep so I took an ambien and it calmed me and I went to sleep. He didnt spend the night he left. He did buy me groceries which was nice but I needed comfort. The next day he came over not until 7pm. I asked him to come over earlier. He couldn’t skip his workout. He fought with me for 1.5 hrs saying how I don’t meet his needs and all this bad stuff I do and am unappreciative. I asked him to stop and he wouldn’t. He left because he said he can’t stay at my house anymore because I have a queen bed and it’s just too small. I would think he’d make an exception under these circumstances. He’s slept over with me a lot over the past year and a half.  Yesterday he came over at 1 because he was near my house. I said I may go to my moms. He said he thought Saturday’s were supposed to be our days and asked if that had changed. I said I just wanted to see my mom. He said he wants to date other people who put him first. So apparently all his needs come first right now even though my needs for comfort and love after losing a parent less than a week ago don’t matter. He came to my house and yelled at me about all I don’t do for him and how I don’t make him number one and he needs someone who does. Then he just left my house. No hug nothing. He texted me later asking me how I was. I said terrible and that I couldn’t believe his timing. If I were him I would have put my needs on the back burner if he had just lost someone close to him. I mean I can’t deal with all this right now. It’s too much. How could he be so selfish? Today he texted me and we had a short conversation. He said he doesn’t want to date other people but I have put him in a depression because of how I have been treating him. He is trying to make me feel bad. Worse than I already do. I just can’t understand.

April 02, 2019, 02:51:11 PM
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I recently had lost my dad the day before i started college. I know how it feels my boyfriend let me grieve but the i didn’t grieve traditionally as others and i poured myself into sex and didn’t plan anything with him . He ended up resenting me for it and just ended up ghosting me for weeks . I don’t think he wants to break things off maybe he just needs alittle time to see why he fell in love with you .


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