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Author Topic: Men- please help me to understand why this happens.

February 08, 2019, 02:20:53 PM
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I have seen a couple posts regarding men who turn to watching porn and masturbate instead of sharing intimacy with their partners? Please don't misunderstand me I am not bashing anyone for this but I am just seriously lost. If a man feels that he may have low hormones and advises his partner that he is maybe just a "once a week kind of guy" thats is fair warning and I appreciate the upfront honesty. However when his partner of 3 years is noticing that he is backing off in the bedroom- and the conversation is had (gently) and he then confesses that he is worried about other things outside of the bedroom (kids work etc) so that is why he is not intimate with his partner lately..BUT THEN HE IS WITNESSED CLOSING OUT HIS PORN PAGE IN THE MORNING ON THE WAY IN THE SHOWER BEFORE WORK...when his partner is lying there in bed next to him. WHY would this happen?
Please please please offer any enlightenment on this it would be greatly appreciated.

February 10, 2019, 11:04:18 AM
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     It honestly can be a lot of things. Are there any other relationship issues?

     For me personally, I get off a few times a week before my morning shower. And yes, my SO is lying in bed. For me, it's about time and convenience. I work ten and a half plus hours per day and have about three hours of commute. I work six to seven days a week. So for me, I can pull up porn and rub one out in minutes versus sex is going to take more time and energy.

     Don't get me wrong, sex is WAY BETTER. Hell, 90% of the time, the porn I watch either reminds me of my SO or something I fantasize doing with them.

     There's also another possibility, which I've experienced in past relationships. If I've often been turned down, or had what you do for me thrown in my face, I assume the role of taking care of myself. Being independent not wanting to feel rejected or have sex turned into act.that is done for me and thrown in my face.

     It's really hard to pin down without more information. This may sound a bit odd or inappropriate even, but do you yourself watch porn and/or masturbate?


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