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Author Topic: Long distance relationship

March 06, 2019, 07:52:57 PM
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What should i do...my bff from h school contacted me and we started talking and ended up falling in love..at least i did..he told me he did too...but he had a gf living with him and said he didnt love her n was trying to get rid of her..then her mom died and he saids he feels sorry for her but is not in love with her and they argue all the time and she just wont leave...and we have been intimate and him and his gf have not been intimate in 5vyrs...he still texts and calls me everyday..i feel bad for his gf..but he lied to me and totally destroyed me...i was truly in love with him...i feel used..betrayed and we have been friends for 40 yrs and his gf and him have been together6 yrs and her family has money and he loves money...so what i am wondering is should i tell his gf...i dont think its fair to either one of us and i have wasted 3 yrs of my life and i feel like he needs to be held accountable for what hes done...What do yall think? Would really appreciate your feedback..Thank you

March 07, 2019, 03:45:52 AM
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That sucks. You will be alright. I have faith. Stay strong

March 07, 2019, 10:13:13 AM
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         this is just plain spooky.....3 years ago i was on facebook looking at. page built around the school I went to in first and second grade.the girl all of us had a crush on popped up on the people you may know notifications so needless to say I messaged her and asked her if she remembered me in which she did .... parents still live here in California she is living in New York so after months of talking in the phone she came out here for a couple of weeks.we became intimate right away..and she asked me to move in with her in new york...im a musican and the area that she lives in provides a lot of work in where like a lot of work musicans.... so anyway I agree and she tells me that she needs to go back there first to take care of some things and you give her one week Head Start... so the week goes by and I am already to start heading there and I talked to her on the phone and she's like..uh gee uh....i dont know if u would like it here etc. So I asked her what's going on and she says well I'm still living with my boyfriend of 9 years but we haven't had sex in 3 years he's going to be out at the end of the month he's just waiting for his place this went on for a year and a half he has finally moved but I never believed that they weren't intimate still people just don't have a relationship and quit being intimate with each other and continue to live together as friends there's some other stuff she pulled Thrive lost all trust in her but my advice to you is your boyfriend still has a thing for his ex-girlfriend as he calls her and I can almost guarantee you they're still having sex from my experience I'm sorry this is happening to you I know how it feels cut him loose ain't worth it


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