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Author Topic: Long distance friend/crush

May 23, 2019, 08:07:05 PM
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I play a virtual online game called second life (yes people still play this lol). A month ago I met a guy on there and we connected instantly. The First time we talked on SL we exchanged skype names so that we could voice with each other privately instead in world. Our first phone call lasted 15hrs and i really mean that, we were literally on the phone until the sun came up and went to sleep in the morning. We are on 2 different time zones i'm Los Angeles and he is in New York.

A little after a week of these 10+ hour phone calls i started school and was going back to work and with us being in different time zones it became a little harder for us to talk like we use to, but we were still talking to each every night. in every convo, whenever i had to go he would get sad and didnt want me to go and i didnt want the call to end either but i have real life going on. This past week conversation has slowed between us and we actually haven't talked via phone since Friday.

Earlier this week I asked him if everything was okay and if he wanted to skype and he said yes and that he missed me, but when i called i got no answer and no message from him the next day. I am now questioning it because its been a week of us not talking. He said that he's just been busy but i see him online and now when i message him he just reads them and doesn't respond.

before all that he had a conversation with my bestfriend on SL, and i didnt know until he told me about it when we last talked. Basically my bestfriend asked him if we're dating and liked each other (they already met each other and he knows she is my bestfriend in real life) my bestfriend was just curious because i was in a 5 year relationship that broke me and drove me into depression and she hasnt seen me talk to someone so consistently since then and its been 2 years since that break up.

Honestly when i first started talking to him i didnt even expect things to last this long, i thought he was cool and that he would just be another one of those second life guys i'd talk to once or twice then he'd just disappear. in the beginning he was always calling, always messaging me, always wanted to talk and now nothing.

Just yesterday i sent him a message explaining how i felt and that i didnt expect anything and that it's okay if he didnt feel the same way i did, and he just read it with no response. I dont want to message him again because, i dont want him to feel pressured or think i'm crazy and i told him that i would just let him be and i hoped everything was okay. i just don't know what to do. part or me thinks he's talking to someone else and another part of me that actually know him thinks he's hurt or mad at our lack of communication. another part of me says to keep trying. HELP??


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