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Author Topic: Level headed woman looking for advice

April 04, 2020, 06:34:29 AM
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Hello all...
I was in a relationship w a man 10 yrs younger.  That didn’t work out after 2 years. I’ve been on my own for months now & I meet people all of the time - no e of which usually interest me. I went out alone one night early March and met someone 9 years older. We hit it off but I was guarded and explained my recent breakup as I certainly dont plan on giving my all to anyone anytime soon. This guy was immediately highly interested in learning about me. Now, understand w my ex this was an official break up - meaning my ex and I have been apart since last summer w him being away w work, i made it official few months back. So back to March I meet Mr. A we go our separate ways, he gives me his #. We text 1 week & have breakfast following week & spend all day together walking around, talking etc. but he was very affectionate wanting to hold my hand, taking every opportunity to touch me somehow. I just met him prior week & wasn’t there yet w showing PDA. We went dancing that night at a ballroom hall & had a blast being silly & free. Having fun. We go our separate ways.

The next day by 10 am when i woke up he had texted me 5 times & called me once. I texted him that i was fine & id call him later. That day my uncle died, i rcvd a call from my ex, my daughter was about to give birth any second + I was thinking of him & great time we had night before. But so many emotions that day all mixed. I called him in the afternoon & attempted to talk about my day then asked about his. Later that night he sent me a long text about how I was cold on the phone etc. and that he wasn’t going to wait around to go at my pace etc. he wished me the best. I replied that although I wasn’t happy w his decision I respected it. Days go hy he reaches out. We chat again back & forth & he brings up again that I came across shitty & cold that same day. And that he couldn’t do this. So... at this point I’ve reached out to him & then He reaches back out to me. Although he is guarded now w his texts i can tell - we have been doing this back & forth thing w each other. He brings up that day, I get upset & tell him I’m all set. Then i reach out again or he does.

I am in my mid 40s & have never been drawn to want to connect w someone like i m w this here. He engages & intrigues me w his intellect then that day is mentioned & we are back to saying peace out.

I see a lot of good, he is strong , intelligent, caring for his elder mom kind of man, who is a hard worker  & good looking as a bonus. We are both aggressive and go getters. At this time he says he cant forget how I came across and that we can be friends & flirt. And I said no ty, I’m not that woman. Now.... I’m already regretting the no contact w him. I am a Sagittarius he is an Aquarius, not sure if that matters or not. Some sound advice would be great as he enrages me but in a good way!

April 20, 2020, 12:16:54 AM
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Sounds like some misunderstanding. If you like him, give him another shot  :-*


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