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Author Topic: Is it just me or girls are really confusing?

July 25, 2018, 05:23:51 AM
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I don’t mean to judge but am I the only one who finds girls confusing? I do think that they have a lot going inside their minds and I appreciate how much they make an effort to almost everything but I am finding it difficult to understand them. For example, an ex girlfriend of mine whom I have met during a foreign event says she likes me because I am quite a gentleman; however, she ends up leaving me for a motorbike rider.  I also had a foreign girlfriend whom I have met through a common friend and she always have this dilemma of picking items that are of the same color! What is the deal with that?

August 06, 2018, 12:45:35 PM
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I guess I agree with you, we women have a particular way of thinking, but what's interesting is that many women think exactly the same about men. Personally,  gave up a while ago in my attempt to understand the way how men think.
Sometimes women don't talk directly because at some point we expect that men read our minds… not literally,  but we let clues in the road and we think that if a man cares enough for us will meet the clues, or will try to understand our emotions and thoughts and will show us empathy.  Unfortunately I've discovered it rarely Works out and it doesn't mean that the man doesn't care about us but he  just doesn't speak our same language,  so I rather be direct, or get what I want  by myself because this way I can control the result instead of feeling me frustrated because my boyfriend couldn't read between lines  what I wanted.

Sometimes we like certain things about a man, but not for dating him, we like the things he does because we think it's nice but that's it, probably the closest that this man will get to us is to become our friend.

A woman can easily understand what other woman means because we talk the same language, but with a guy is different, we have to communicate using a different channel.

In regards to the preferences, I think that's a problem very common for woman and men. Many people say I'd like this kind of person with this specific physical features and this characteristic of personality, but in the end, they start to date a totally different person. My personal conclusión is that the brain can suggest the type of person that we'd like, probably according to what society suggest that is beautiful aesthetically and right , but then the inner nature of each one of us talks louder, and we don't date the person that our thoughts suggested but the one that our hormones and subconscious suggest. It doesn't mean that this person is the indicated for us, but as we live and gain experience to choose the better option for us, this is pretty much what happens.

August 12, 2018, 09:47:56 AM
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I admit that girls can really be confusing, it could be for some time or most of the time. I think because the girls are more emotional. Girls deny their feelings but it's obvious when they're mad or don't like you. We ourselves find it hard to decide on some things, and when we decide--we change our mind later. Sometimes we even can't understand ourselves. I don't know if the monthly period has to do something with this and our hormones are all messed up. But not all girls though are like that, one reason is it could be their personality. They are just born to be like that--naturally confusing.


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