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Author Topic: Is he cheating?

September 09, 2019, 08:41:10 AM
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I was seeing this guy who was 17 years older than me for about two months everything was going pretty good, I thought.

He had mentioned two previous relationships one with the mother of his 12-year-old daughter, and his second to last one (I worked out the last relationship he decided not to mention that one) anyway the girl he was seeing was 27 years younger and they broke up over.

Well once he said it was because she had an affair with her boss and another time was because they both had daughters who didn’t really get along because they would be jealous of each parents attention.

On Wednesday night he messaged me saying he was free tonight and Saturday night and maybe Friday night but he is pretty sure his daughter will b with him. (He usually tells me when he is available which means he doesn’t tell his daughter).

I went to his house to clean his business (business and home same place) the next day Thursday, I usually always do it Fridays, but for some reason, I wanted to do it Thursday. Anyway he said to me he had to find a new accountant and while he was down that way (a place called Hindmarsh Island an hour away from his work), he would pop in and see his ex-partner because they were still good friends. I said yeah, ok. So it was about 5:30 and I said when are you picking up ur daughter (cause that’s what I presumed he was doing), and he said he wasn’t, and I said what are you doing tonight then and he said I told you I was going to see Nicki (the ex). I’m like u said when u go see the accountant, and he said yeah that got canceled.

He had his overnight bag with him also. He never said anything about staying the night. Off he went, and he turns his phone off as soon as he gets to her place and stays the night.

Now he denies anything happened of course and says I’m insecure, and wouldn’t tell me why his phone was off and why he didn’t tell me he was planning to stay the night.

Why he didn’t tell me when he had already organised with her when he sent me msg telling me when he was available and why lie about the place cause she didn’t live where he said he was going, but every second weekend he goes for business to the town she actually lives in, I’m thinking so he could continue seeing her without me getting suspicious, cause he was implying she lived elsewhere.

What are your thoughts, he was cheating damn straight right? Too many lies he won’t/can’t justify. He also has completely had no contact with me since I accused him.



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