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Author Topic: Im confused relationship

December 20, 2019, 12:05:14 AM
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my girlfriend and I are in our fifties. Been together for 9 months. She has battles with ex boyfriend who wants to get back together. He`s much older than her much older. We communicate pretty well unless I`m on the road between text and phone calls was fine. than the communication slowed down. I came over to her house to help her out around the house. We took a break in living room. Her text message alert came on. she sitting with me I Saw Her Ex boyfriend name on phone screen. She replied to his text. Hmmmm she blew it off as tho no big deal. I thought about calling her out on the text message. I didn't , I excuse myself and left for my house. Her exboyfriend break up was on cheating on his end. I think it`s both of them who are cheaters. She has him over or he stop for reading glasses. I lost it after that I quit doing anything. She knew what I was upset about and played out has tho he needed them glasses for meeting. YAH RIGHT! Today found out she`s on Tinder, with photos that she ask on how she looks. I know what TINDER is not dating site it`s a one night stand. OMG really how stupid think I am. thinking I am going to be with her on fantasy. With or without protection  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think may I move on or see if she will confess?
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December 28, 2019, 05:11:56 PM
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Sounds to me like you are not really confused at all but possibly more in denial about your situation with your SO.  Sounds like she’s immature insecure and not really looking for something exclusive long term and serious.  If she was she wouldn’t still be communicating with her ex having him inconveniently conveniently over if that makes any sense.  Why is she on Tinder if she’s with you?  If she was at all serious about your relationship, had any kind of serious feelings and or respect for you, she would NOT be communicating with her ex, having him over, and most definitely NOT be on Tinder.  You seem like an intelligent guy who already knows the answer to his own question possibly just looking for validation but walk away from this one because you can do so much better.  More importantly you deserve so much better! 

January 14, 2020, 08:52:03 AM
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ok after my girl friend has not try to explain. She has said to me I`m free to date anyone. On New Years Eve I was with Friends enjoying the evening. I was running the music & dancing. During that time we been texting she comment about coming over. Of course I waited, Apparently got stood up, didn`t  worried or try to make it worth her while NO! Its just another GAME of expectation. I didn't mind cause she done this a number of times. In the evening there was a gal making serious eye contact with me. She is beautiful, no way I thought she had that come to me erotic hypnotizing gesture. She was dancing alone on the floor. I went on floor dance with her that evening with slow dance too. during our slow dance she said whisper in my ear. She said "I have a huge crush on you for along time" Strike of Midnight Welcoming 2020. No girl friend to kiss around. The dancing woman and I kiss. WE hung out that time on into the morning. HAPPY 2020 INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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March 19, 2020, 10:15:53 AM
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update: ok it`s been 3 month with My new girl friend from new years eve party. We have spent a lot of time together. The  friends with benefit has found out I`m with new girl friend. That did not go well; friend with benefit been try to have me do some errands for her. I guess been stocking me cause I was at my GF apartment. Just stir me up. I responded with not now I`m with a friend now I cant just jump to your errands. Next time I said give me some time adjust my schedule. Few Days later I was at Friend with benefit house, she try to blame me on not trying enough on our relationship. I stop her and laid all the thing she done and I have new girl friend that's who I spent time with, more than we do. Friend with benefit said we have plans for the future lol what plans, you messing around with ex`s boy friend. letting me hang and wait for you. I did wait. Nothing changed on giving some time together instead your ex`s plus your online dating on Tinder, Too toxic for me to be left out in this thing called our relationship.


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