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Author Topic: I cheated - and I know I deserve whats happening now....

May 02, 2019, 06:47:05 PM
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I am not proud of my affair...but it lasted about 2 and 1/2 years.
I am here to vent I guess and get things off my chest more than anything.

I live in Chicago, the other woman "Dawn" lives in Florida.
We worked for the same company, and since the home office is in Florida I was
able to fly down there often.   And some weekends she would fly up here to be with
me.   We made it work.  We were very much in love.
As bad as it sounds, I do love her more than my wife.  But I wont leave my wife
and my kids for Dawn, and she accepted that.   If it was just my wife I probably would,
but I dont want to break up the family.  My wife and I are friends - but nothing like the
feelings Dawn and I shared.
Words cannot describe the connection we made -  feelings I have never felt
before. We match on so many levels, and honestly it had nothing to do with sex. We are soul
mates.   Fate brought us together for a reason.

I retired early, and was able to spend 3 months in Florida as a retirement present to myself.
My wife and family came down to visit for 8 days, but the rest of the time I was with Dawn
every day and night.   It was the best 3 months of my life.  Dawn says the same thing. Its
like we were married!
I feel closer to her than I have ever felt with anyone.   
And some of the emails she has written to me expressing her love would make your heart
For some reason, I just kind of expected we would keep things going for...years?

Anyhow, Dawn had a "guy friend" who she would hang out with every now and then, but it was
strictly platonic.
2 weeks after I left, they slept together.   And its killing me.
My wife and I have had a non-sexual marriage for years, but Dawn started sleeping with this
guy after TWO weeks.
She said she was lonely, she was distraught after I left, and he was there for her.

They are on a date right now, I am sure they will end up in bed again.
How do I let it go????
I get sick t my stomach thinking about them together.

Dawn had to deal with me "sleeping" with my wife every night we were apart -
so I guess this is payback, right?

How can I stop thinking about Dawn and her boyfriend every night???
Please dont bash me for cheating, I know i was wrong and my wife deserves better.

But I still love Dawn, and she is now with another guy.
I don't sleep at night thinking about them.
We still talk just about every day and I am just so , so angry.
She only waited TWO weeks before giving up on us.
I am so hurt.

The sensible part of me tries to tell myself that I could never give Dawn what she
wants full-time, so she deserves to live her life. 
It would not be fair to expect her just to wait for bits and pieces of time here and there
whenever I could make it work.  She did that for 2 and a half years, though.

Please give me advice on how to stop thinking about her in bed with her boyfriend??
How can I let her go?
How can I turn the page on us like Dawn has?


May 08, 2019, 08:24:15 PM
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Your wife deserves better
Dawn deserves better
Come and write us back when you screw up your family for an affair

Why not trying to REKINDLE things with your wife ? Why not DATE her again ?
What happened to those vows you pronounced in front of witnesses ? Grass isn't always greener outside and the "passion" you think you experience with "Dawn" would be different if you guys lived together,classic .

I'm sure your wife knows about your affair and is heart-broken.

And yes, Dawn is getting the time of her life with that other guy . Maybe they'll end up together and MARRY too.


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