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Author Topic: Girl and guy with alot of issues confused how to move forward

April 19, 2019, 08:56:54 PM
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Hey everyone I recently met a girl I really like and she seems to like me we both get along really well and can talk for hours over text we get along so well because we can both relate to each other we've both had bad depression for a long time and kinda hate ourselves she specifically has had a messed up life she was forced to do stuff she didn't want too by 2 of her previous boyfriends one of wich she is still with wants to leave but is afraid too for about 3 days we just texted alot and got closer after seeing how close are lives were too one another and we both kinda were throwing out hints we liked each other and then I finally broke it and asked her out and she liked it and started being really sweet then about an hour later she started talking about wanting to have sex with me wich I thought was a little early considering we haven't had a real date yet but I just let her talk supported her and then she got of her phone in the middle of a conversation I texted her in the morning when I woke up for school (we goto school together) saying  good morning and then she texted back saying good morning around the time I was about to leave she texted me asking if I wanted something from dunkin donuts I said yes told her what I wanted and I told her I would pay her back she said no but I paid  her anyways when I got there she seemed fine in the beginning of the day she gave me my drink we had a quick conversation and then class started as the day went on she seemed to be very not interested in talking to me and would turn her body the other direction from me I eventually asked her if I said something to make it awkward or if I said anything that made her uncomfortable she said no I  had no idea what was going on I asked her if I could talk to her after class she said sure but then said she couldn't because she had to goto a dentist appointment and was going to be late and too just text her so I said okay but then when I look at her snapchat story she was hanging out with friends right after school when I texted her saying basically the same thing and saying that i couldn't be there to support her if she didn't tell me what was going on so she admit that I made it akward because I came on too strong wich really confused me because she was the one who brought up sex last night when I wasn't even close to thinking about that point yet as I had just met her anyways so I said I was sorry and asked her what she wanted me to do differently and she said that she was just really stressed out so I asked her if she wanted some space she said yeah so I figured it was over right there but 3 hours later she texted me saying she was sorry and that she was just stressed out and she said that she wanted to try us again but this time go way slower so I said okay and then she changed the subject so I couldn't ask her what she ment by that so I dont know what to do now I really like her and care about her and do not want to lose her what do I do?
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