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Author Topic: How to overcome faults

March 01, 2019, 05:27:30 PM
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Me and my boyfriend (1yr4mths) are usually very happy, very supportive, very understanding, and very trusting. A few instances throughout our relationship though, we’d fight. Never over anything serious or that involved the other sex, but over things like him not having a drivers license at 19 or my weight insecurity that hits sometimes. We always work it out and walk away feeling okay with each other, but later, we both get overwhelming guilt about making the other feel bad. It may sound childish, but we get hurt if we slightly hurt the other ones feelings. It hurts to see him so down on himself and know it was me that pointed it out even if I had good reason, and I know he feels bad when he thinks he can’t do anything to help me feel better about myself. He’s told me, in the saddest voice ever, that he’s not a good boyfriend to me. Which is so wrong: he opens doors for me, goes where I want to eat, listens to my problems, kisses me in front of other girls, and loves me with all his heart. There isnt a thing I wouldn’t do just to see him smile, he is my everything and it breaks my heart when I can’t help him realize how good he’s doing. My question is: how do we learn to forgive ourselves for this? And is there something else you can see that needs to be worked on that I haven’t realized? Positive comments only please, I only want to move forward with him and am willing to realize my own faults and work on them for this relationship.
It’ll be okay:)

March 03, 2019, 12:11:50 AM
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Honestly is the best policy. We have to be honest with ourselves before we can be honest with anyone else

March 18, 2019, 07:46:36 PM
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It’s beautiful how the both of you are so empathetic towards each other’s feelings. The both of you need to understand that there is nothing wrong with accepting criticisms, constructive criticism at least. If you’re in a relationship with someone you should be open to receiving criticisms because that is the only way that you can better yourself. When you date someone you’ll see their good and bad traits. You’ll see sides of them that probably only you know because you’ve known them for so long. Although it is not your responsibility to “fix” them, it is helpful to let them know if they’re carrying a bad behavior or trait so that they’ll at least be aware of it. Think about it this way, this is you person, your best friend, your partner so you want to better each other. You want to see progression not only within the relationship but individually. Nobody wants a partner who is lazy and slags off especially if you two are young. So my advice would be 1. Learn to take criticisms. 2. Try to not be too sensitive towards each other. 3. Love yourself more. Self love is so important because if you can’t love yourself then how is anybody else suppose to. When you start loving yourself you’ll hold yourself at certain standards and that way whoever you attract will naturally see that they have to keep up with those standards. Understand that nobody is perfect, we all have flaws. If your image is something you don’t like then plan a goal on how you can better not change but “better” your image. Perhaps eating healthier, working out, etc. I hope I helped :)

March 25, 2019, 11:39:27 AM
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There is really nothing wrong with what's happening to both of you. You are both just okay to be careful with each others feelings or emotion. What you need to do is to just go on, learn with each other, don't be afraid of criticism, you are both perfect and unique in your own ways, everyone has flaws and all and that is okay. Don't overthink things, laugh a lot even if jokes are corny because it is it's just fells better when you love the person that is joking. Do things together to be better, plan together as well and reach your goals helping each other out. More importantly never forget to ask yourself if you are happy or not and see to it that he is happy as well and love yourself more because if you don't, how are you gonna love somebody else if you can't do it to yourself.


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