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Author Topic: how to end a hookup relationship

July 27, 2018, 10:07:31 AM
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I have a question for you all, as some of you may have experience in this sort of thing, but how to end a hookup relationship?

What approach should you take to end a relationship that's solely based on a hookup and had no intentions to go further? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

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August 01, 2018, 04:47:27 AM
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Basically this question is a tough one but indeed interesting to answer. :) I haven't been in a hookup relationship however if I will be and wanted to end it up, it is better to end it up nicely and gracefully by letting him know that "his" benefits have been revoked.

First and foremost, I will stop the "intimate stuff" we do, ignore any means of communication like chat, text, or call then I'll give time for myself to think how to say it honestly to him. Then when the time comes that I'm ready, instead of going to his place, I'll beep him and ask to meet in a restaurant or in any place where we can't be alone.

If my invitation will work and his already in front of me like having dinner together, I'll start it by telling him how wonderful having an intimate relationship with someone we truly love and not just a hookup. Then I'll let the conversation flow but I'll make sure that i'll stick with my decision and avoid any arguments. When the conversation and understanding is already okay, then that's the end. I won't go to any "friendship thingy" with him again either intimate or not because it will not do any good to me.

August 08, 2018, 12:29:20 PM
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I don't remember of being in a hookup relationship, I guess I´m a person basic and old-fashion and I need to feel that relationship has a purposse or goes in some direction, independent if it's a friendship, romance or family relationship.
However, from my point of view as woman this my suggestion: I think you could be nice and honest and expose the fact that your interests have changed and you are looking for a different type of relationship now, if that's the case, or that you decided to be alone for some time and dedicate your time to other areas of your life.
Personally, I'd appreciate hearing from my partner that his interest in me has changed, instead of feeling it by his attitude distant, cold kisses, and a few words. A break up is never easy but is easier for the other part to deal with it when there's honesty because this way she doesn't feel that she has to guess what's wrong.
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