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Author Topic: He is going too fast?

May 23, 2019, 08:58:40 AM
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I met this guy on Facebook who lives across the state from me.
Well we started talking just a couple of weeks ago and been in contact since. And we will be meeting up soon. Issue is, He's already telling me he cares alot about me and that I mean a lot to him. Which puzzles me because we haven't really discussed anything about each other. Though I have told him my health issues and everything. He told me he'd be by my side the whole time. This guy is an officer and He's going to be acting in a movie. He's very well known so I'm not sure why he would be interested in me when he can meet someone way better than me. And closer. I told him that and he tells me that he sees I'm a great mom and that I have a big heart. I agree with that but like I told him, something just feels off. And for some reason, I feel like he's talking to more than one woman. He told me he's christian and that his parents brought him up well and that he wouldn't hurt me. But on his nights off from work, he tends to "vanish" until the next morning and he tells me he just passed out when he came home. That just happened last night. I don't know but this whole situation is weird.
I see some flags but I'm not sure if I should still take it slow with this guy or just leave him be? He respects that I want to take it slow. But why wouldn't he? He said family is the number one thing to him and that he wants us to some day be a family. But how can he already want that with me? I guess I just need an outside perspective of this. Help? Thanks in advance :)


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