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Author Topic: He is accusing me of stealing from him after 4 years together.

December 13, 2018, 09:15:48 PM
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Ok, sorry if this is too long or poorly punctuated, but I would like to know the opinions of others on a unresolved situation between my boyfriend ansd I. To start, I will give a description of our relationship at least from my perspective. We've been together for 4 years, he has a home and I also have a home but we've lived together for the better part of that 4 years. Until my daughter started school this past fall. My daughter calls him Daddy. I cook, I clean, I do all of his laundry, I go to the bank for him, I do whatever it is that he asks me to do. I helped him move and unpacked and organized his entire house. I've never taken anything from him and he knows that. I love him dearly & he has no reason to not trust me. I don't lie to him, & I don't hide things from him. Recently he decided to lease his & his sisters property to hunters to hunt on. At $150 per person per day. He works all day and said that if I would advertise it, he would pay me 25$ out of each hunter that hunted. We had 3 hunters come out last weekend, he collected the money from 2 of them and I collected it from the other, while he was in the shower getting ready to go to work.
When he came out of the bathroom he asked if he paid me, I said yes. I got the money out of my pocket and placed it on the bed beside his wallet, cigarettes, lighter and other items that he would take to work. He put everything else in his pockets. He left the cash on the bed. So, after he left I put the cash in my purse. I honestly thought he left it for me. Not saying he was giving it to me exactly, but for me to hold on to if we needed something or for Christmas. If he needed it I would give it to him. I stayed at his house for 2 more days. Then I left to go home which is just 35 miles from his house. When he got in from work that day he texted and asked where thay money was & I told him it was in my purse, I'd give it to him next time I seem him, assuming he would be coming coming over that night to stay or the next for sure because he always does. But instead he replied saying that I stole his money, I tried tried to explain that I was mistaken, but he refuses to even acknowledge any other point of veiw besides his own. I told him ,I still have if, to come get it if he needee. I would have taken it to him but my daughter had either salmonella poisoning or the flu shes was sick for 3 days and it snowed 5 inches,  my truck is not 4wheel drive. But he is still upset. Mostly. he ignores me he texted a few times today and didn't say anything about it until a few min ago and told me to leave him alome I screwed him and his sister over he wanted nothing to do with me. Ughhh I've worked very hard placing ads for him and I've booked 35 more hunts for the next few weeks. I just dont understand. Please can someone else see my point of view or am I totally crazy? I honestly do not feel I stole from him, & it really hurts that he feels that way about me.

December 17, 2018, 01:53:46 PM
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Hello Paige, I don't know what the status of your relationship is at the moment but I can tell you that you're not crazy and I can see your point of view. I believe it's a matter of miscommunication and you should give him a few days to calm down then approach him calmly. Don't go to him with a defensive attitude because you'll both end up angry and nothing will be resolved.

Remind him of all the years you have handled his belongings and nothing had been stolen by you and that had you wanted to a steal his money you would not have admitted to having it in your possession in the first place. I truly believe you can both work it out. All the best.


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