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Author Topic: Flirting with soon-to-be-boss

December 01, 2019, 01:35:12 PM
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Need objective opinions...
I recently connected with an old boss, asking him to be a reference for me while I looked for new employment (known him half my life, worked for him in my 20s). He so happened to have a project in the works...long story short, I accepted a position and spend most of the summer on ramp up for this deal. It wound up falling through ultimately and my new job was a casualty...he felt bad about it and offered me a position at his firm when I moved back to Houston next summer. Great! I was super excited.

I've always known him to be a stand up guy and his reputation is sterling. But all along the way he made it known he was into me however, everything was professional until the deal tanked. Then we had drinks, he offered the job in Houston, and some other things, and I fell hard. We flirted, some texts, and a couple of meet ups but they didn't go very "far". Then something happened. He pulled back. I did too, kept my contact to a minimum. I did text to clear the air and he called me and sounded as if nothing happened at all! What was I worried about it i told myself. Clearly he was seeing this totally diff than me. He reiterated the job offer, said "i'm not giving up on that".

He's a millionaire and on the board of multiple companies. To say he is busy is an understatement. I feel like I screwed up, my friends all say I'm too in my head on this, that he isn't thinking about what happened the same way I am. I'd hate to think I f'd up a great job offer by being silly and falling into something I wasn't prepared for. A male friend said there will be a time to rectify but now is not the time and that between adults, sometimes the air doesn't need to be cleared, we all get it. I've got 6 months until I move home....thinking I say nothing and reconnect then. Thoughts?
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December 06, 2019, 06:03:39 PM
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I hope you find a solution. I’m dealing with a similar issue  :-[

December 07, 2019, 03:49:21 AM
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I think your friends are right....  Sounds like you are too in your head over this and you need to just move forward.

I hope things work out for you.


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