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Author Topic: Crush on a coworker, can’t tell if it’s mutual...

September 27, 2019, 08:58:50 PM
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I have developed a bit of a crush on a coworker, and I think he is interested in me as well, but I may be reading him wrong. I’m fairly quiet and I’m very bad at flirting so I don’t think he or anyone is aware of my crush. (For context sake we are cooks in a very busy kitchen) I noticed that he is always ready to help me. No matter what, even if I don’t ask him to he’s there and helping me. He also has a habit of placing his hand on my back as a means to direct me instead of just saying “you can go first”.  On top of that he is always showing me new ways to do things or complimenting my work. He also has a reputation of being a loud asshole but whenever we talk he’s soft spoken and is funny and kind. It wasn’t until this week it really clicked with me that he may like me as well. I surprised them and bought all the cooks coffee because the mood was sour in the kitchen. When he asked what I got him I said,” an (my name) special.” he just smirked and said,” Oh does it taste like (my name)?”
Again I’m very bad at flirting because I get flustered easily so I just responded with an, “I’m not sure” and then he asked,”Can I have a taste?”

He’s never flirted with me before, thou he has complimented my appearance and declares me as the ‘cute one’ when people don’t know who I am. He has told me he had a bit of a history sleeping around but he stopped that so I’m not sure if he’s just flirting out of habit or because he actually likes me. We are also both nerds and talk a lot but I don’t always feel like I have his attention because he will still be working or on his phone. It also might be important to add that he is 40 and I am 22. I always thought he would see me as too young and more like a sister or daughter but maybe I’m wrong? Should I try to confront him? I don’t want to make things awkward at work and I’m fine if he doesn’t like me back but I don’t want him to think I’m creepy or stop talking to me completely.
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October 06, 2019, 01:18:40 PM
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I am in similar situation but i am a 40 male and the girl is 25. she always smiles at me when she walks past coming in to say hi and makes eye contact until I smile back  ;)

plus when the team was doing a presentation she looked back at me and smiled. She seems to smile at me a lot generally when I am talking to her or making a joke.

also i am sure her faced looked a fit funny when i talked to another girl next to her.

so not sure to make a move or look stupid by doing so ! lol


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