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Author Topic: Can modern men love?

February 04, 2020, 02:37:41 AM
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I have questions for men -

Are men today capable of love for a woman?
Are any of them capable or desiring of a monogamous relationship with a woman?

After a marriage of almost 30 years broken up by massive infidelity on his part, I find myself alone. I am a good looking woman, or more accurately, I have something about me that attracts attention, even if I am not sure what that is. But I have constant offers from men and am aware I have options.

But my ex tells me that all the men now are like him - he says he became a porn addict, then slipped into being a sex addict, spending tons of money on prostitutes and living only to get to the next sex club each night. He says he cannot think of anything else, and it has effected his health, his finances, even his work (not to mention it destroyed our family, the kids are traumatised and none of us can get together because it is too painful).

But he says ALL the men he knows and meets are in the same state. This day and age of instant and easy access to porn and sites like Tinder have hijacked mens sexual drive to take over every other aspect of their life.
He still claims he loves me, and that the sex between us was better than any he'd ever had (he might be lying, but from my side, the sex was absolutely amazing). I was never frigid or denying him sex - I was begging for it and trying everything I could to seduce him as he started refusing me.

He says he got caught up in a narcissistic path in which he just didn't care anyone else except getting out of his head with anonymous sex, and just thought he could keep me, his family life, and all the rest too.

I am trying to be positive, look ahead, not dwell on the past. I started a new career and am excelling in it, found a place to live that I love and have friends. But I can't seem to agree to date anyone. His words ressonate in my head. He says there are no men who want a relationship with a woman anymore. Because  the world has made instant excitement with no cost constantly available, and relationships entail communication and emotional vulnerability.

Has the Behavioral Sink hit us, as a society? Are men lost to the internet and dropped out of human relations?
Are their any men left who would like to have a partnership with a woman, or experience love?

February 04, 2020, 06:57:29 PM
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Boss Kijod

Hi leah

I still believe there is still hope for us men. True, access to porn and others are easy now but that doesn't mean we are a slave to our own demons. Next time, you just need to really get to know the guy. He must know his priorities, has control over himself, and has plans for the future.

Good luck.


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