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Author Topic: Boyfriends texting Coworker

August 30, 2019, 02:29:11 AM
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Background: A few months ago I saw my that my boyfriend was texting a female coworker. We had talked about her before. He mentioned he did not like her, and that she started a lot of drama at work. So when I saw her name I took a look at their text messages. Turns out they have been talking for awhile. He even bitched to her about me. I was upset because as far as I knew they weren’t even friends.

I confronted him about it. I even asked if he wanted to have a friendship with her. That I was fine with it, but I was just upset that he basically lied about their relationship in the 1st place. He said no, and mentioned since he was been fired anyway he had no reason to talk to her.

He was finally fired a few weeks after. He had issues with the store manager. He then proceeded to text her and tell her he was fired. I found this out because of the phone bill. Instead of asking straight up if he texted her. I asked him if he had spoken with her since being let go. He said no. I told him I know he texted her because of the bill. I asked him why he lied. He said cause he didn’t want to upset me. I asked to see the text messages. He said he accidentally deleted them. I was upset with him due to the lying and for him to delete the one thing that could prove he was just talking about work. He proceeded to tell me he was sorry and that he won’t talk to her.

A few days ago the same thing happened again. However there were a lot more lies. 1st claimed he didn’t. Then said he did but it was because he didn’t want her to get a job where he works, since she applied for it online. Then changed to he was just telling her about the job. I asked for the texts. Then it was he blocked her and the messages were deleted. Then went to he just deleted them. And more blah blah.
I told him I can’t do the lying. He tried to blame me that I get upset when ever she’s mentioned. That he just didn’t want to deal with it.
I tried telling him, that she’s not the issue. That his lying about his relationship and communication is the part I’m upset over. Had he from the start said, no I like her now we’re friends. We wouldn’t be here. I’ve told him now he can’t talk to her period. And that if he does it’s over.

Basically am I ok to do this? Or does anyone have an any thoughts. Maybe explain my side in a way he can understand. Cause I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s done nothing wrong.


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