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Author Topic: Boyfriend vs Family Life

October 27, 2019, 10:57:02 AM
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Okay, so here is the story:
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. When we are together we have and enjoying doing many of the same things. He treats me well and has stated on many occasions that he wants to marry me. I'm sure that if I hadn't given my opinion on the cliche of being proposed to on a holiday, he would have done it before the year is over.
But now here comes our problem, he lacks social skills. It is very difficult to have him around my family and friends because he is rude to them. He likes to take over the conservative and somehow state that he is right and knows everything about every subject. When he met my best friend for the first time, he decided to debated with her over a subject that she is currently getting her Master's in and has worked in the field for 10 years. He has never worked in the same field nor has a degree in it. But he had to state that he knows everything. It upset my friend so much, she had to go to her therapist after she went home. He has even upset my sister with his behavior.
Unfortunately, that behavior will not fit with my life. My family is everything and so are my friends. Even my job is my family. My Grandmother and I run a historical bed and breakfast in our town. He likes to call it "not a real job" and it gets to me. He gets upset when I have to take a call from a client or a guest wanted to reserve rooms. Then he gets mad when I have to work events saying that it shouldn't have taken that long or that you need to change this and that so it will go faster. Recently he told me that he feels like the bottom of my priorities. That the B&B comes first before us. Yet, there have been several occasions that he would take me 2 hours away to his family's and we would stay for 2-3 days. Taking no consideration of the things that I had to do. So yeah taking a phone call is not that bad because what else I am going to do in order to keep my job.
Also, he gets mad when I do things without him. Like just last week. I went with my Grandmother and Mom to drop my cousin off at work. We walked around the town and did some shopping. He was mad when he seen a picture that my Mom had posted of us hanging out. First, he was on his way to work. What was I suppose to do, tell he to come along? Second, I was getting him a Christmas gift. Can't really have him there while doing that.
Unfortunately, I know where all of this is going. He has made improvements on some his behavior, and I am not asking for perfection, just someone that wouldn't roll their eyes when my family wants to play a card game or will just listen and not have word vomit come out of their mouth. But what do you all think I should do? Stick it out, make excuses as to not spend the holidays together, or end it before the holidays. I just don't know what to do and need some advice. Even my family has no advice to give to me because it is a sticky situation.


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