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Author Topic: Am i wrong to be insecure and jealous of my girlfriend?

November 24, 2018, 11:12:52 AM
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Okay so i am 22 years old. I will graduate law school in a couple of months. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is 3 years older than me, she has finished her master and is now working in a big e-commerce company in my country. My girlfriend always told me how she has never gotten and never will get attracted to other men when she is in a relationship. She said that she has never cheated or any sort of that during her previous 3 year relationship. I did believe her for some months until couple months ago when i saw her chat with her friend, she secretly recorded her boss colleague whom was a handsome french guy and sent the video to her friend and said “omg hes so cute” and “omg his beard is killing me” we had huge fight and i was close to breaking up with her because of that, she said that she only “looked” at the handsomeness, but she never got romantically attracted to him and begged me to not dump her. At that time i thought Of course shes not romantically attracted to him but being physically attracted to someone could lead to that. Ive always been loyal to her and always hold myself from doing something like this. Yes she did not cheat but it could be a baby step towards that. I dont know what would happen if he was her close colleague that always had the chance to interact with her. And it hurts when youve always tried to safeguard your partner’s feelings but she did something like this. Meanwhile she has always been a bit possesive with me, she was angered and we were having cold war for a week because i simply posted a funny recording of my female friend whom ive known for 8 years while i was with her and 5 other male friends on my instagram. And ive never seen her angrier apart from this time throughout our one year relationship. Now she works in a team with a lot of guys and we rarely meet. Maybe once every one or two weeks for couple hours. just yesterday when we were chatting i asked her about how was work and the flight, she told me that she was flying in the airplane and because she could not sleep she talked to her colleague (a 25 yr old guy) “throughout” the flight about work so she could calm herself a bit. I dont know but i instantly got jealous and insecure about that. I work part time, and im just not financially stable yet as i am still a student, im insecure that she will find someone who is more financially stable and always interact with her when im not around. What should i do..

December 02, 2018, 03:22:29 PM
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I don’t think she is cheating on you. I do think that seeing each other for a couple hours every couple of weeks would be hard. The fact that she got jealous of you posting that video means she is insecure too. She is probably afraid of what your doing as well. Long distant relationships can work but it’s going to require a lot of communication and trust. I’m a jealous woman so that would be hard for me. Good luck.


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