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Author Topic: Am i crazy?

February 09, 2020, 06:38:23 PM
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So ive been dating this girl now for several months now, everything is great when were together. We laugh and smile and really connect on alot of levels! We never argue or place blame we just agree to disagree in a pretty healthy way. But i have this strong gut wrenching feeling that i cant trust this b****..

1. After months of us being together i found cocaine in her bathroom drawer, with 2 pens taken apart and residue on a knife. She has never mentioned doing cocaine to me. Is it old? Is it new? 2 pens? who was with her? She has no roommates.

2. She has never NOT ONCE called me her boyfriend. If i say something like "you're a wonderful girlfriend" she'll say something like "yeah, i really like what we have." Or some dumb s*** like that.

3. She wont take a picture with me. Now this really has me buggin. She has hundreds of pics on her phone. Sends selfies on snap daily. But in 4 months the 2 times i tried to take a pic with her she covered her face and again... with some ridiculous reasoning said.. "Oh i dont like how i look today." the second time it was "nooo i look hideous right now." One she never wears make up and two this bitch sends selfies daily.. Is she ashamed of me? Is she afraid ill put us on facebook? Like whats the harm in us having a pic together.? I never asked again because i dont want to embarrass myself ya know.? Shes never asked either.

4. She sure takes alot of naps.. So many times throughout the week she wont respond for hours or will blow over my question. I say "hey babe whatcha up too? Wanna grab lunch?" I either get no response for hours followed with "sorry i was sleeping". Or "sorry Didnt hear the phone" orr i get a "hey babe, how are you?" And if i ask a second time watcha doin? No response or a response way later saying she's hanging out with her cousin.
My problem is 1. Ive never met anyone in my life that takes that many naps. 2. I have never (and i do mean never) seen her more than 10 ft from her phone. 3. She has an apple watch that she always has on that sends her notifications when she gets a text.

5. She's been through alot trauma and is very very clever and intelligent. In my personal experience girls that have faced as much truama as she has tend to make stupid mistakes in relationships. Cheating, lying, etc. Only difference is that this girl is too smart to get caught making a mistake, i truly believe that.. And i believe. That because i believe me seeing the cocaine was a stupid mistake, ive been in that drawer a dozen times before (its where the qtips are) and ive never seen that. I feel like i would have noticed cocaine, pens and a knife with coke on it.

6. She wouldnt let me meet her family for quite sometime. Really, how i met most of them was them randomly showing up to her house. I guess thats how they do it in their family.

Now in her defense. I have no proof other than the cocaine that shes hiding part of herself from me. She does call and ask to hangout with me, it isnt just me making an effort. I also THINK i can trust her because she's very nice and polite. But i FEEL in my gut that i cant.

So This is where im struggling, Do i. Start looking more into this or no? Please tell me im just crazy. I have a little girl myself so if this chicks doing cocaine and shit i wanna and think i have a right to know. Im a parent first. i really like her and dont want to betray her trust but i feel like shes betraying my trust.

By the way if i bring this stuff up she's very good at turning it around and somehow (i dont even see it coming) all of a sudden im the bad guy and end up feeling guilty. She's very smart and i now see can be pretty manipulating when she has to get out of something.
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February 12, 2020, 12:53:29 AM
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Ask her if she wants to do a couple of lines with you. You will know pretty soon if she does or doesn’t want to do it.

Might help her open up and let you know where she sits

February 12, 2020, 06:34:38 PM
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I just re read what I typed yesterday and I must have been on another planet.

Just have a chat dude, and make a call either way. Sounds like you don’t trust her - and trust is everything.

February 13, 2020, 01:41:30 AM
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You are not crazy. This girl sounds shady.

February 14, 2020, 05:48:20 AM
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Something certainly does t sound right.
Talk to her about everything.
If you're still unsure. You know what you have to do.

April 05, 2020, 02:09:23 AM
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Sounds like she’s a narcissist. Run and don’t look back!


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