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Author Topic: Am I being too controlling ?

May 18, 2019, 02:10:31 AM
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Hello Freinds ,
I started liking this guy at work and we went on couple of dates and got intimate . We both started having strong connection both emotionally and physically and were very involved with each other .I started hearing rumors about him that he is close to this female friend (which he told me were they were good platonic friends when I asked him about her) . Long story short I went and asked about him to that girl ( I know wrong thing to do on my part for digging information about him ) The answers she gave me shocked me , She seemed to have still crush on him and tried her very best to give abad impression about him so that I will stay away from him , not only that she conveyed to my BF that I am digging information about him and asking her personal questions and so she wants to involve the supervisors because she is afraid of her job ? Bottom line is my BF became very upset with me for involving work & relationship . We both decided to take some space from this relationship to work on my personal stuff , also he is observing Ramadan , yes he is  muslim and said he is not allowed to have flirtous conversations and said I would rather prefer not seeing you as I will start having feelings .. so I stayed away ( although we work together ) Also one of the agreement we had was when I confided in him that this platonic friend of his still has crush on him and really does not want to see us together ( telling each of us something bad about the other person ) at that time he confided in me that I am not friends with her any more. and we left it like that . So yesterday all of sudden he walks into my department and I see in the corner of my eye that this platonic friend has opened the door and talking to him . I was very taken back by this . When I texted him did you pass by the department he said yes and then I asked him where you talking to Z ( his platonic friend ) he said no and said she had a question for him . I was really upset that he said she is not his friend any more and if she had a question he is not obliged to answer as I feel she still can pull him in and talk crap
about me and wise versa , al though he specifically said he does not have any other attraction for her she seems to have lot of crush for him . I was really upset and confronted him in the text yesterday and have not gotten any reply . This girl has done lot of damage in our relationship but bothers
me that she can pull him in whenever she wants to as they have known each other for longer time and I am pretty much new , she is able to put in him that I am going to ruin his carrier because I am involving his work etc bottom line she is very insecure and negative . I havent had have face to face conversation with him as he says its Ramadan and seeing a GF is prohibited , but what can you make out from all this ? I am I being too controlling if i am asking him not to speak to her as our relationship is on hold now ? I don't want to loose him because of this jealous , insecure girl . Thank you


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