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Adoption Forum

This adoption forum is for parents that are considering adoption, adoptees and birth parents. If you have an adoption question that you would like to ask anonymously and to receive guidance and support in regards to your situation, you can speak to other members regarding your adoption query here.

Share experiences, adoption stories, the processes involved with adopting a child, what to expect and how to get yourself physically, mentally and financially prepared. The members of this adoption forum come from every vertical, from being a parent that has adopted and being the child that was once adopted. It could be that you’re ready to adopt, you’re happily married, financially stable, own your own home and feel more than ready to introduce an adoptee to your family. However, you need to ensure that you fit the criteria to be able to adopt a child, more information can be found here on the government site regarding who can adopt a child and the criteria to be adopted.

The type of adoption topics you can expect to see in this adoption message board:

  • • Parents considering adopting their first child and asking questions to the forum;
  • • Parents looking to learn more about adoption, the processes involved and how to adopt;
  • • Teenagers looking to become an adoptee and how they can be adopted by another family;
  • • Concerns being adopted, or adopting a child that you would like to receive support with.